Nintendo Switch Temtem Release Date – Revealed

The Nintendo Switch Development Team has revealed that Temtem is coming later this month; here we have revealed the release date for this Pokemon rival. Keep reading to find all the details.

As per the information we have got from different sources, Temtem is coming to multiple platforms this current month. As the news revealing Temtem’s arrival has gone viral, players are anxious to know the release date and time for Temtem, the Pokemon’s rival.

The pocket monster games become so popular over time. Thus, the release date on the handheld console makes things so much exciting for the players.

If you have enough knowledge about PlayStation and Xbox, you must have an idea that Temtem has no real competition on any of the popular platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. However, what makes it the best fit for the Nintendo Switch is its unique indie title.

So, is Temtem Coming To Nintendo Switch, if yes, what is the release date and time for its arrival? We have provided all the information below.

Is Temtem Coming To Nintendo Switch?

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Yes, Temtem is coming to Nintendo Switch soon. The development team has revealed that the title will be available as a digital download from the eShop. The release date for Temtem in Nintendo Switch is confirmed by the team as Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

This game will be available for $44.99 and it includes both single-player and multiplayer elements. Furthermore, it will be available to play on all available Switch consoles, including TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

As far as its size is concerned, it is said to weigh 4.3GB, and thus is easily installable for anyone using a base console or a Nintendo Switch Lite.

The developers ‘Crema’ has further revealed that Temtem will offer crossplay and cross-progression on day one alongside Xbox Series X and PC players.

When Is Temtem Coming To Nintendo Switch?

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Temtem is coming to Nintendo Switch in the first week of September. The news was confirmed by the Developers Team via a statement in August 2022. If in case you have missed this statement, here is what they wrote:

For the spec-oriented players out there: the game uses dynamic resolution to keep a steady 30fps. This means it’ll adapt to the circumstances and provide more or less resolution depending on how demanding the situation is.

“On a general note, however, the resolution while docked sits around 900p, going up to 1080p and down to 700p under very demanding circumstances, while undocked it sits very steadily around 720p, with occasional down points of 560p.”

Following this, it is likely that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be put at the bottom of the table in terms of performance as compared to all other platforms while using the handheld mode. Similar is the case while playing the game on a Nintendo Switch Lite as well.

You can watch the Temtem stream on Twitch to earn some exclusive rewards. As per Temtem official Twitter account, you can watch Twitch Stream following the below details provided in the Tweet:

“Streamers and enjoyers of @Twitch, what would a game launch be without some Twitch drops?

Watch any Temtem stream between these times and earn exclusive, unique rewards to start your journey in style!

Start: 06.09.22, 9 am PST / 4 pm UTC

End: 12.09.22, 9 am PST / 4 pm UTC”

Players seem quite excited about Temtem’s arrival as they have expressed their opinions on Twitter.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about Nintendo Switch Temtem Release Date, Time, and all other essential details. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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