Pokemon Go Psychic Cup Best Team – Revealed

Go Battle League, the latest Pokemon Season has just started and we already have entered Psychic Cup, now the players are looking for the best team details. If you are among these players looking for the Pokemon Go Psychic Cup best team combinations, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know.

The second cup of the period, the Psychic Cup just kicked off on the 8th of September 2022 and it will be live till the 15th of September 2022. To complete the cup players will be required to follow a strict set of rules.

One of the major rules that will be applicable for this cup is that only the Psychic-type Pokemon with a CP of 1,500 or below will be allowed to enter, while the rest may not be able to be part of it. However, there is an exception of Mew.

Considering all the rules for the Pokemon Go Psychic Cup, below we have provided all the best team combinations and Pokemon that you must count on during the event.

Which Is The Best Team For Pokemon Go Psychic Cup In September 2022?

Image Of Which Is The Best Team For Pokemon Go Psychic Cup In September 2022

As far as the entry to this event is concerned, please note that besides the Psychic-type Pokemon, the Pokemons with dual typing will also be eligible. With this in mind, below we have provided the leading Pokemon that you can rely on for the Pokemon GO GO Battle League Psychic Cup.

Note: All the below detail that we have provided come with the courtesy of PVPoke.

  • Victini – Quick Attack/V-Create/Overheat
  • Bronzong – Feint Attack/Payback/Heavy Slam
  • Malamar – Psycho Cut/Foul Play/Hyper Beam
  • Gardevoir – Charm/Shadow Ball/Dazzling Gleam
  • Claydol – Mud Slap/Shadow Ball/Rock Tomb
  • Galarian Rapidash – Fairy Wind/Megahorn/Body Slam
  • Wobuffet XL – Counter/Return/Body Slam
  • Hypno – Confusion/Shadow Ball/Fire Punch
  • Galarian Slowking – Hex/Shadow Ball/Sludge Wave
  • Alolan Raichu – Volt Switch/Wild Charge/Thunder Punch
  • Cresselia – Psycho Cut/Grass Knot/Moon Blast
  • Shadow Lugia – Dragon Tail/Sky Attack/Aeroblast
  • Shadow Latios – Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw/Luster Purge
  • Latias – Dragon Breath/Outrage/Thunder
  • Medicham – Counter/Ice Punch/Dynamic Punch
  • Lunatone – Rock Throw/Rock Slide/Moonblast
  • Slowbro – Water Gun/Ice Beam/Water Pulse
  • Solrock – Rock Throw/Rock Slide/Solar Beam
  • Metagross – Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash/Earthquake
  • Jirachi – Charge Beam/Doom Desire/Psychic
  • Shadow Slowpoke XL – Water Gun/Psyshock/Water Pulse
  • Celebi – Magical Leaf/Seed Bomb/Leaf Storm
  • Girafarig – Tackle/Thunderbolt/Psychic Fangs
  • Deoxys Defense – Counter/Rock Slide/Thunderbolt
  • Metang – Metal Claw/Gyro Ball/Psyshock
  • Oranguru – Confusion/Foul Play/Psychic
  • Male Meowstick – Sucker Punch/Thunderbolt/Energy Ball
  • Delphox – Fire Spin/Flame Charge/Fire Blast
  • Xatu – Feint Attack/Ominous Wind/Aerial Ace
  • Alakazam – Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball/Fire Punch
  • Gothitelle – Charm/Rock Slide/Psychic
  • Galarian Articuno – Psycho Cut/Brave Bird/Ancient Power

Best Pokemon Go Psychic Cup Pokemon

Image Of Best Pokemon Go Psychic Cup Pokemon

If you want to make a wise combination for the Pokemon Go Psychic Cup make sure to consider Pokemons that have moves that are super-effective against Psychic-type Pokemon. While ignoring the Pokemons that have heavily Psychic-based movesets will be a good decision.

Considering all the above tips we have created a list of the best Pokemon Go Psychic Cup team choices below:

  • Malamar/Gardevoir/Claydol
  • Malamar/Galarian Slowking/Bronzong
  • Alakazam/Slowbro/Delphox (this team is likely to be effective against some of the most popular choices)
  • Male Meowstick/Galarian Slowking/Galarian Rapidash
  • Malamar/Galarian Rapidash/Metagross

Among all these Pokemons, Malamar is the top pick following its dual Dark/Psychic-typing. Also, the Galarian Slowking’s moveset of this Pokemon is also super strong.

Besides this, the group of Gardevoir, Claydol, Bronzong and Galarian Rapidash is also a good combination following their moves that are super effective against Psychic-type Pokemon.

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The Last Words

 This was all about the Pokemon Go Psychic Cup Best Team combinations. Hopefully, you have found your best team for the cup.

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