Is Munna Shiny In Pokemon Go? Explained

The Pokemon Go Season Of Light is here already and it brings along several events, but for now, players want to know if Munna can be Shiny in Pokemon Go. If you are among the players looking to find all the details about the Season of Light event and whether or not Munna is Shiny in Pokemon Go, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The Season of Light has come with several events and a few new Pokemons including the Nebula Pokemon, and Cosmog.

This season will remain live for three months after starting in September. The confirmed events for this season include, the Psychic Spectacular, Test your Mettel, Fashion Week, and The Clefairy Commotion.

Besides all the events that we are expecting during this season, the usual range of Spotlight Hours, Raid Hours, and the September Community Day is also being confirmed by Niantic.

Following the Psychic theme, the first Spotlight hour is featuring the Munna also famous among the players as ‘The Dream Eater Pokemon’.

Here we have broken down everything about the spectacular Season Of Light event and whether or not Munna is shiny in Pokemon Go. Stay tuned!

What Is The Munna Spotlight Hour Time And Date?

Image Of What Is The Munna Spotlight Hour Time And Date

Before diving into the depth of whether or not Munna is shiny in Pokemon Go, let’s first take a glance at Munna Spotlight Hour time and date.

Well, as per the available information, Munna Spotlight Hour is scheduled for Tuesday, September 6th. It will hit the screens at 6 pm local time.

During this one hour, trainers will be given double Stardust for each Pokemon they catch and quadruple if the players are using a Star Piece.

Now, can Munna ‘The Dream Eater Pokemon’ be shiny during the current month’s first Spotlight Hour? We have provided the details below.

Can Munna Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

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The good news for the shiny Pokemon hunters is that Munna can be shiny during September’s first Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour.

However, there also is bad news for the Poke-hunters. And the not-so-good news is, that the featured Pokemon will not have an increased shiny rate in the Spotlight hours unlike on the Pokemon GO Community Days.

So, it translates that Munna will have a standard shiny rate of 1 in every 500. So, it is going to be a bit harder for the players to chase and catch one.

But, if you get a Shiny Munna, there are no chances of you missing it. Munna is quite big unlike the majority of shiny Pokemon that usually have minor palate changes.

Another important point is, Munna this time is not going to appear as a pink and purple Pokemon, it will rather be yellow with a pink spot between its eyes.

To help you get an idea about what Shiny Munna actually looks like, the official Twitter account of FlareBaze has added a picture of it. You can follow this Twitter account to know what it looks like and some other important information about it.

In some other news gaming news, Temtem is all set to take the game by storm. Its release date and maintenance time are already being revealed. You can check more details about ‘Temtem 1.0 Release Date, Maintenance Date and the Crossplay’ by clicking here.

There is a lot more to anticipate for the players of Pokemon Go this September.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the Pokemon Go Season Of Light and whether or not Munna can be shiny during the Spotlight hour. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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