Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games – Release Date And List Provided

All the details about the Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games is being revealed but the release date is yet to come. However, Sony is giving all PlayStation users the opportunity to get the Essential tier for just £1. If you are one such player looking to get access to this essential tier and want to find more information about the Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about.

The past month has remained an amazing month for the PS Plus subscribers. Some of the free games that players got to play as part of the February 2023 essential tier included the gory Evil Dead The Game, the Definitive edition of Mafia, the artistic OlliOlli World, and the Beyond Light DLC for Destiny 2.

Now that we have entered March 2023, Sony’s February freebies are still available for the players to lay their hands over. One thing that players are expecting from the next batch is that it is going to be even bigger and better.

Below we have provided all the details about the Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games release date and list. Keep reading to get all the details.

Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games List

Image Of Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games List

    The release date for the Ps Plus Free games is being reported as March 7th. Below is the list of free games that PS Plus players will get to lay their hands over in March 2023:

    • Battlefield 2024 (PS4 and PS5)
    • Minecraft Dungeons
    • Code Vein

    All the above games are confirmed by the official PlayStation Blog. The first freebie Battlefield 2024 is a mixed bag of a shooter but it does have cross-platform and crossplay multiplayer. Here one thing that needs to mention is that PS4 is limited to Xbox One so PS5 can play with Xbox Series X/S and PC.

    The second freebie Code Vein is a single-player experience often dubbed the anime Dark Souls. You can enjoy co-op with a friend and you also have the option to explore its hellish world with an AI companion.

    Last but not the least; Minecraft Dungeons is a fun dungeon-crawler that can be played with a group of four friends. Though it doesn’t offer the unbeatable creativity and freedom of regular Minecraft, you still can have a fun time playing this game.

    Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games How To Get For £1

    Image Of Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games List

    As far as the PS Plus Essential is concerned, it is only available till March 5th and you can get it for only £1. You also have the option to extend this offer to Extra for £3 and Premium for £5.

    One important thing that you need to consider is that, after the month of March, subscription fees will revert back to the regular monthly fees of £6.99, £10.99, and £13.99.

    If you have not subscribed to PlayStation Plus, we would suggest you make the best out of the huge discounts that are available for either Extra or Premium to sample the huge catalog of games available. Also, don’t forget to cancel your subscription in settings to choose a better subscription model or to unsubscribe entirely.

    In other news from PS Plus, the game has scooped up 23 nominations in Bafta games. Here is an announcement made by PS Plus UK in a recent Tweet:

    “A huge congratulations to the PlayStation Studios scooping up a combined 23 @BAFTAGames nominations, including EE Game of the Year awards for God of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West. Amazing work from @SonySantaMonica, @Guerrilla, @mediamolecule, and @Naughty_Dog”

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    The Bottom Line

    This was all the available information about Ps Plus March 2023 Free Games and their release date. Hopefully, the information was helpful.

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