PS Plus September Free Games 2022 Predictions – Revealed

There are no leaks for PS Plus September 2022 free games but we have found some exciting predictions about what possibly the players are going to get. However, there is information that a few titles are leaving the PlayStation Extra and Premium service in the upcoming days. Here is all we know about the PS Plus September Free Games predictions for 2022 and the details of titles that are all set to leave the game.

August 2022 has been an exciting month for the PS Plus players as it featured several exciting events and games. Some of the essential games are Yakuza Like a Dragon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2, and Little Nightmares. Alongside these amazing experiences, the current month has the August 2022 Extra and Premium additions featuring more Yakuza coupled with Metro Exodus, Dead By Daylight, Ghost Recon, and many more.

Although players have found this month an exciting one, we are expecting Sony to deliver exceptional experiences for every subscription rank.

PS Plus September 2022 Free Games

Image Of PS Plus September 2022 Free Games

The reveal date for PS Plus September 2022 Free Games is 31st August. All the free games will be announced tomorrow and as of now, there are no leaks about what are we going to experience in the upcoming days.

As per a recent post from Sony, the release date for the upcoming freebies is September 6th. If you are an avid follower of Sony, you must have an idea that freebies are usually announced on the final Wednesday before launch and it has rarely happened on any other weekday.

For now, make sure to download all the current giveaways before they are pulled back. As revealed by the players, Yakuza Like A Dragon is an exceptional game. It is considered one of the best Yakuza games. Besides this, Little Nightmare is an atmospheric experience that players can complete in a single sitting. Also, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is still as good as it was in our childhoods.

PS Plus September All Free Games

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Now, coming back to the main point, the PS Plus September Free Games 2022 Predictions! Well, as per the available information the foremost and crucial prediction is the Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition.

This game is expected to release on September 6th. 6th September is the same day as the next batch of freebies will come out. However, it is currently not available to pre-download from the PSN store.

Currently, the Tomorrow Children has remained on PlayStation ever since 2016 as an early access experience

The next prediction as per the available information is Biomutant. But it is unlikely to be among the freebies as it has already remained part of the PS Plus Premium as a trial. Nonetheless, a new PS5 version is expected to come out on 6th September.

Following the predictions made by PlayStation Portal some other freebies including the Pokemon-like MMO, Temtem is also expected to come. It again seems unlikely as it is already available on the PSN Store to pre-order for £34.99.

The most important prediction is the enchanting Animal Crossing New Horizons-esque Disney Dreamlight Valley. This game is most likely to be part of the freebies batch as its early access is expected to come out on 6th September.

Some other smart guesses include House of Ashes and The Devil In Me.

We will update this article once these leaks get confirmed.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about PS Plus September Free Games 2022 Predictions. Hopefully, you have found all the information you needed to know.

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