Richest Noob In Free Fire — Here’s All You Need To Know

The most asked question by the Free Fire players is “who is the richest Noob in Free Fire”. So, we have come up with this article to answer your questions. Here is about the Richest Noob and the king of Free Fire in India.

After PUBG was banned in India, Free Fire became the most followed battle game in the country as a number of streamers and gamers had to shift to this game. Besides India, it is a massively popular battle royale game around the world.

Furthermore, with more than 500 million+ downloads, Free Fire has made to the list of most popular games of 2021. Millions of users from every corner of the world play and follow this game.

Considering the popularity of game, online streamers and content creators have also flocked to the game. Hence the popularity of Free Fire is rising with each passing day. However, one question that has remained constant overtime is “Who is the richest Noob in Free Fire”. Gamers are curious to know the name and income of Free Fire’s king in India.

Before telling you about the Free Fire’s king, we want to make it clear that the statistical data provided in this article is based on the current observations, it may vary as more players continue to play the game.

The most famous Free Fire content creator in India is Lokesh Gamer. Created on 16th Nov 2017, Lokesh’s YouTube channel has 10.3 million subscribers. The overall views on his videos have reached the count of 490,981,969 so far. He is also considered the richest Free Fire player of India.

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Who Is Richest Noob In Free Fire

Image Of Who Is Richest Noob In Free Fire

So far, Lokesh has managed to be on the top of the Battle Royale game, Free Fire. As reported by Gizbot, he has a win rate of 21%. Players have also been curious to know his income, so we did extensive research to get details of his income.

As reported by the social blade’s official website, this popular gamer earns an estimated $14.4K – $230.8K from his YouTube channel.

Besides YouTube, there are many other ways, this YouTuber earns. So, the income is far higher than what is exposed to us. Here are the match details of this popular gamer:

Game details in Squad Mode

  • Team — TEAM HIND (Leader)
  • Lifetime — Played over  3379 matches in the squad mode
  • Total Wins of 718 Matches in Squad Mode
  • win-rate — more than 36.34%
  • Kills — 6269
  • K/D — 2.36

In Solo Mode

  • Lifetime — Played over  1287 matches in the solo mode
  • Total Wins of 133 Matches in Solo Mode
  • win-rate — more than 38.69%
  • Kills — 2657
  • K/D — 2.32

In Duo Mode

  • Lifetime — Played over  1529 matches in the Duo mode
  • Total Wins of 152 Matches in Duo Mode
  • Win-rate — more than 28.16%
  • Kills — 2583
  • K/D — 1.88

Because of online streamers like Lokesh, Free Fire is becoming even more popular than before. The game creators are also coming up with amazing additions to spice up the game field. Free Fire is constantly evolving and it has some unique characters that make it stand out from all other games falling in this category.

The unique characters with varied abilities are the current attraction for gamers. Currently, there are 35 unique characters available for the players to choose from.

Bottom Line

This was all about the richest and most popular Free Fire player from India. Hopefully, the article has provided all the details you wanted to know.

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