Steam Halloween Sale Start Date And Time – Revealed

The Steam Halloween Sale is just around and players are curious to know the start date and time. They are also wondering to find the confirmed games list. If you are among these players who are looking to know the Steam Halloween Sale Start Date And Time, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know!

The next Steam Halloween Sale is all set to hit the screens and some of the games are already confirmed to get listed. Among these games is the Resident Evil series, which is already listed at the sale price.

Ever since the gaming world got traction online, October has remained the best month for them. The reason why October is the best month is, it brings along several Halloween-themed events and games. The spooky challenges, tasks, and horror-themed games make October the best month for gaming enthusiasts.

Currently, almost all the gaming platforms have started their Hallow’s Eve celebrations. Among them, the gaming event that is getting a lot of traction is the Halloween event for Overwatch 2.

Alongside the Hallow’s Eve celebrations, players are also excited about the horror game deals that they are going to have. Sticking to our aim, let’s dig out the Steam Halloween Sale Start Date And Time.

When Will The Steam Halloween Sale Start?

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As per the available information, the start date and time for the next Steam Halloween Sale 2022, Scream Fest is scheduled at 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 BST on October 25th. We have received this information with the courtesy of SteamDB. The SteamDB website has set a countdown for this most awaited event.

The sale will remain live till the 1st of November. It translates that the event will be live for a week only.

Besides the Halloween deals and events, Steam has also leaked the annual Autumn deals for November 22nd. The list of the Christmas Discounts will be made available on December 22nd.

As of now Resident Evil series is revealed as the only game listed as part of the Steam Halloween Sale 2022, Scream Fest. The Resident Evil Halloween pack is now available at £41.43. Its original selling price was £116.96.

The Resident Evil Halloween pack brings along the below:

RE BioHazard

  • RE2 Remake
  • RE3 Remake
  • RE Village
  • RE ReVerse

All the above-mentioned deals are now available at discounted prices. They can be bought individually and as a pack also. The games are listed at their discounted prices already and the sale will remain live until November 1st.

Scream Fest Games List

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Besides the Resident Evil game, several other games are also set to be part of this event. Some of the game that you are going to see during the event includes Evil Dead The Game and Madison. If you have not played these games earlier, the Evil Dead is a fun 4v1 multiplayer experience while Madison revolves around a creepy nightmare. You are suggested to read their reviews first, before investing your time and energy in them.

Another most-awaited game that players are eyeing is, Mortuary Assistant. This game is going to be the best horror game you have ever encountered. This game too is all set to release this year. The Steam price set for the game is £19.49.

One game that is most in demand from the players is Martha Is Dead. The players are demanding this game to be included in the sale. This game is getting a lot of traction among players for its morbid gameplay sequence which also is slightly censored by Sony for PlayStation.

Another amazing horror game that came out in June this year is Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel. Followed by this is Scorn, which is another horror game released on Game Pass on October 14th. For this game, a small discount is expected, as it already is selling at £31.99.

Besides all these games that we have mentioned, players are expecting discounts on some other games like Visage and Inscryption. This discount will help more people experience these games.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the start date and time and list of the games for the Steam Halloween Sale. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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