Who Is Taylor Blake On TikTok? All You Need To Know

Taylor Blake alongside Emmanuel The Emu is going viral on TikTok for reporting a devastating avian flu diagnosis, here is all you need to know about who is Taylor Blake and why they have taken over the internet.

TikTok has the potential to make anything go viral on the app. From anything, I literally mean anything! From bizarre dance steps to cooking recipes and pet videos, we have seen all types of content making to the foryou page of TikTok and making buzz overnight.

The latest bizarre trends that created a buzz on the video-sharing app recently were the big straw trend and the banana sprite challenge. The former asked the users to drink a liquid all at once using a big straw while the latter required them to eat a few whole bananas followed by a bottle of sprite. Both trends have received severe backlash on the platform, however, they have still managed to go viral on the app.

For now, Taylor Blake alongside Emmanuel The Emu has become the TikTok sensation. As the videos of Taylor Blake are going viral on TikTok, users want who this content creator actually is and why are they trending on the video-sharing platform. If you are among the users looking for the details related to this content creator, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know!

What Happened To Emmanuel The Emu TikTok?

Image Of What Happened To Emmanuel The Emu TikTok

Taylor Blake is a farm owner based in South Florida. Taylor often shares videos of the Knuckle Bump Farms and has earned over 2.4 million followers as of now. The interesting videos of animals that Taylor shares from his TikTok handle, manage to earn millions of views and likes.

The majority of Blake’s videos get photo-bombed with Emmanuel the Emu. Although the farm is named mini cow hobby farm, we mostly get to see the odd emu or deer roaming around. The deer is popular for the name Emmanuel the Emu.

All the videos that Blake has posted on her handle have earned millions of views. However, the ones that featured Emmanuel have earned more spotlight. The videos have gone so viral that they earned an appearance on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Blake and Emu are popular in every household these days.

Though the TikTok handle of Blake has just got the spotlight, she has been popular on Instagram since 2013. She went viral on the former only-photo-sharing app for asking a Taco Bell worker to join him in a sleepover.

Taylor Blake And Emmanuel The Emu TikTok

Image Of Taylor Blake And Emmanuel The Emu TikTok

Just recently, Blake shared a video revealing devastating news. She revealed that her beloved Emu is suffering from the avian flu. Blake has also shared this devastating news on Twitter. She explained that more than 50 birds have died following this virus and now Emmanuel is also being diagnosed with the same.

In the Tweet, the TikTok content creator wrote, “We lost 50+ birds in 3 days. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. We thought we were out of the woods when Emmanuel unexpectedly went down this past Wednesday…”

The H5N1 bird influenza killed more than 45 million birds in the outbreak reported this year in February. Considering the consequences of this virus, fans of Emu are concerned about its health. They have taken it to several social media platforms to express their concern.

Blake has shared with his followers that Emmanuel has suffered nerve damage in his right leg and foot following the virus. Shee also has added an image of his helping Emmanuel start physical therapy using a homemade sling.

The content creator has further revealed that Emmanuel will make full recovery soon. While sharing a picture of Emmanuel Taylor wrote:

“Hi, friends! I sat up by myself today for 10 whole minutes!! It was hard, but I did it. I am getting stronger every day! My moms put lots of soft things around me so that I don’t hurt myself while I learn to walk again. Thank you for the prayers, they’re working”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about who Taylor Blake is on TikTok and about her beloved, Emmanuel The Emmu. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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