Steam MW2 Checking For Update Error – Quick Fix

Players across the globe are encountering the Steam MW2 Checking for the update error and they are not happy about it. Players have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to talk about the error and to inquire about quick fixes if any.

If you are among these players who are getting annoyed by these errors, we have got you covered. Below is everything you need to know about what the Steam MW2 Checking For Update Error is all about and how to fix it.

These errors are affecting those players the most who are swapping regions to get early access. Infinity Ward themselves have talked about this issue in one of their recent Tweets. In case you have missed this Tweet, it reads, “If you attempted to access #MWII outside of your region on PlayStation and are currently unable to connect due to a stalled in-game install screen, you may need to delete your game and reinstall it.”

Some players are getting these errors despite they have not swapped their regions. For all such players who are genuinely getting these errors, below we have provided all the details about how to get rid of such errors.

How To Fix The Steam MW2 Checking For Update Error?

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A similar issue was hindering the players during the MW2 Beta. To get rid of it, players back then followed the MW2 Checking For Update fix that we are going to provide below. Check it out if you really want to get rid of it.

  • You will initially be required to go to the Steam Library and then right-click on MW2.
  • Next, head towards the Properties option and then open the Local Files Tab.
  • Now, click twice on the Main folder and delete everything bar ‘FileSysCheck.cfg’
  • Exit the library and load up MW2.
  • If the game still crashes on the ‘Checking For Update’ screen, exit the game and wait for Steam to download all the necessary files and relaunch the game.

We hope that following these steps you will be able to fix the Steam MW2 Checking For Update Error.

Most of the live service games these days are encountering errors. From Overwatch 2 to Call of Duty and all other renowned games, all of them are having a rough time.

Though the game servers have to process files from millions of gamers but this is not an excuse at all. Having the gaming IPs on the planet, Call of Duty should have robust servers for Infinity Ward/Activision. Only then can things run smoothly.

Steam MW2 Checking For Update Error Quick Fix

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At the time of writing, Down Detector has shown several spikes of downtime for the game all around the world. However, the number of complaints is slowly decreasing. It means that Infinity Ward is working on fixing the issues and we hope that they will get fixed really soon.

The issues may also be hindering your gameplay because of the state of Xbox Live, PS Store, or others. The service providers also sometimes cause such issues.

What players need to note here is that these errors are just the result of issues with service providers or servers. These are not the result of malicious breaking attempts, so, your entire data is safe and nothing has leaked.

As per the available information, MW2 Server issues are also spiking. Thousands of players are complaining about the downtime on The Down Detector. The issues are mainly hindering the players from across the US and especially the ones who have changed their console’s region setting.

So, if you have attempted to change your region in order to access the game early, you will keep encountering plenty of errors.

As the game’s official account has already revealed, you may have to delete your game and reinstall it if you have attempted to change your console’s region setting.

Hence, for now, the only fix to these errors is to wait for the game to reach your region instead of spoofing to New Zealand in order to get onto the MW2 servers early.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Steam MW2 Checking For Update Error is all about and the quick fix to get rid of it. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comments box below.

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