Taylor Swift Heardle Game — Here’s How To Play The Game

You must have an idea about what the Heardle Game is all about but do you know this popular game has now launched a Taylor Swift version? If not, here is everything you need to know about what the Taylor Swift Heardle is, where to find and how to play it. Stay tuned!

Wordle is the latest game to take over the internet. The game is currently reigning the Meta-owned social media platforms as users are sharing their game results on the social platforms.

The game has become popular after millions of users have shared the game results over their timelines on various social media platforms. Thousands of users have participated in the game already and several others are eyeing to be part of it.

After the success of Wordle, a series of other versions are also being released on the internet. One of the popular variations of Wordle is ‘Heardle’, which requires the players to guess the song of the day. Just recently, the Heardle game has come up with the Taylor Swift version, and fans are going crazy about it.

What actually is the Heardle game version dedicated to Taylor Swift and where to play it? Here’s the answer.

Where Can I Play Taylor Swift Heardle Game?

Image Of Where Can I Play Taylor Swift Heardle Game

The Heardle Game Taylor Swift’s dedicated version has got the social media users hooked. The game is all about guessing songs.

To guess the song of the day, every player gets six attempts, using which he/she has to guess the song for that particular day.

As the clue, players get to hear the first second of the track. If you don’t get the song on the first attempt, you can play it one more time until you run out of the tries.

The Taylor Swift version of the game follows the similar format discussed above; however, it only features songs from the Blank Space and Bad Blood artists.

The fans of Taylor Swift are hooked to this new version of Heardle and they have discussed the game over several social media platforms.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by Heardle players over Twitter.

One user wrote, “The fact I’m disappointed I didn’t get it in one Taylor Swift Heardle,”

Another user wrote, “There’s a Taylor Swift Heardle so can someone pls make a Green Day Heardle.”

“Good morning only to the maker of Taylor Swift Heardle,” wrote another.

Another fan of Taylor wrote, “I’ve been playing Taylor Swift Heardle, and finally my hidden talent of knowing all her songs are finally being used.”

Following the Tweets, the hashtag Taylor Swift Heardle is also getting viral on social media platforms. Seeing this hashtag floating on social media, several other users also have hopped into the game.

The popularity of this game is increasing with each passing day and fans seem pleased with this new version of Wordle.

Taylor Swift Heardle

Image Of Taylor Swift Heardle

In other news, Taylor Swift’s iconic bodysuit is heading to Rock Hall in Cleveland which the artist wore at the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

According to the reports, this outfit of Taylor is been included in the Right Here, Right Now exhibition that aims at celebrating artists and their influence in the music industry.

This 2021 outfit of Taylor was created by designer Sarah Regensburger, who is a popular designer based in London.

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The Final Words

This was all from the latest version of the Wordle game that is dedicated to Taylor Swift. Thousands of users have already started playing the game while several others are struggling to lay their hands over this Heardle version.

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