Temtem 1.0.2 Update Patch Notes – Provided

The patch notes for the Temtem 1.0.2 Update are revealed already and they have come as a surprise to many of us with some major improvements and fixes. Players are relieved to know about some much-needed improvements. The good news is, this slew of improvements and fixes are made for all the available platforms.

Ever since 2009, the developer of this game Cerma has been coming up with several mobile platforms with the Instant Buttons being their first app. This app became a major hit among the people and has crossed a record 20 million downloads.

After the success of mobile platforms, the developers then shifted their attention to console development Immortal Redneck and their latest creation is Temtem.

Just recently, the developers have rolled the latest 1.0.2 Update patch notes for the game players. These patch notes have come with some major additions and improvements. Below we have explained everything you need to know about what the Temtem 1.0.2 Update Patch Notes have bought for us. Stay tuned!

Temtem 1.0.2 Update Improvements And Fixes

Image Of Temtem 1.0.2 Update Improvements And Fixes

The official patch notes shared by the game developers are provided below:

  • “The Luma captured stat in the Tamer’s Info card will now only count the OT Lumas that the player has or has had at any point since version 0.8. There were many issues with Tamer Card’s info and Kudos recounting, and a bug last patch caused even more trouble. To tackle this once and for all, we’ve completely rebuilt this system with the data we have, which covers everything since KUDOS is there now.
  • It will now be consistent across all places, and only take OT Terms into consideration.
  • Pre-evolutions of any currently owned Lumas have automatically been accounted for.
  • The Tempedia should now also correctly reflect the OT Luma Temtem that the player has, including their pre-evolutions, or has had since 0.8.
  • The “Collector” Kudo is still bugged and will show fewer captured Terms than your Tempedia does. It will equalize with the rest of the info in the next maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Below is the detail of improvements to the game with the latest update:

  • The performance of crowdy areas on Switch will improve.
  • All forms of gaining Tamer Pass experience now give 25% more experience, including Weekly Challenges.
  • Tamer’s Paradise’s activity Tokens now only get consumed when you exit the activity. This will help prevent Token losses caused by server restarts, maintenance, etc.
  • Tournament and Dojo War battles now give more Tamer Pass experience, a little over 60% more.
  • Victories versus the Dojo Park avatars will now reward 2 Telomere Hotfixes.
  • The winners of the Diamond, Gold, and Silver tournaments will now also receive 1 Telomere Hotfix: Trait Swap.

Temtem October Patch Notes

Image Of Temtem October Patch Notes

The patch notes for Temtem update 1.0.2 for all the platforms are as follows:

  • Fixed not being able to complete the “Rebuilding Bridges” quest if the player had finished the “Coda: The Peacemaker” quest before.
  • Fixed the Tamer Pass sidebar not showing the right amount of gained experience.
  • Fixed issues with claiming Kudo rewards.
  • Fixed a crash when a player clicked the Hug emote while starting the animation for the exact same emotes. Hugs are back in town.
  • Fixed Tuwai evolutions and 3rd evolutions from all Terms could only be captured with the TemcardX in the Evershifting Tower.
  • Fixed not being able to redeem items with a multiple-choice option.
  • Fixed Oxomoco not starting their battle if a player had completed the “Shipwrecked in Tucma!” quest.
  • Fixed the last 3 Temtem of the Squad visually not receiving TVs while playing in Co-op.
  • Fixed not being able to navigate beyond page 128 in the Trade House.
  • Fixed a chest icon appearing on the map of a room in the Evershifting Tower where there is no real chest.
  • Fixed Archtamer Stowaway having two Shaolant in his Temtem pool at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Fixed seeing the player’s following Tem at the Housing edit menu if you were on a mount when you opened the menu.
  • Fixed the wrong name of ETC items in the loot pool rewards menu.
  • Fixed the Pheromones and Radar names in the UI.
  • Fixed the floor texture of an Evershifting Tower room.
  • Fixed the collisions of the furniture item Old Timer Popcorn Cart.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Temtem 1.0.2 Update Patch Notes have bought for us. To get more details about the patch notes and improvements, you can reach the official game website.

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