Bring Sally Up Challenge – Will you try it during your workout?

Music is the food for the soul and thought. Many people do their daily tasks with some music in the background. Thus, music and training/exercise both complement well each other. Thus, a choice playlist for your workout time is a hard task to do. This article will be about the Bring Up Sally Challenge.

What Bring Sally Up Challenge actually is?

The correct choice of music/playlist can give you true motivation and take your workout to the next level by matching your moves to the rhythm of the music. The newest musically inspired fitness challenge involves a song called ‘Bring Sally Up’ and the Bring Sally Up challenge involves matching your push up and other workout movements with the music and lyrics.

The challenge actually started as early in 2015. Bring Sally Up initially originated as a squat challenge. This challenge that is only a few minutes long but will always leave you struggling to walk.

Some of the other movements which fits best with The Bring Sally Up Challenge are push-ups, burpees, handstand push-ups, planks, leg raises or almost anything. It really depends how well you can match it with the lyrics.

The challenge has spread on social media. A significant number of Youtubers have attempted this with pushups, moving up and down with the “up” and “down” of the song, and holding their lower position for the third and fourth lyric. If at any point your chest touches the ground while in the lower position, you’re out. The last person to stand wins the challenge

The song

So, the song is titled ‘Flower’ by Mody. The song was from the album Play: The B Sides.

Some of the lines from the lyrics are:

Bring Sally Up and

Bring Sally Down

Lift and squat,

Gotta tear the ground

The lyrics show that the song is truly made for workout and particularly squats.

How do you perform Bring Sally up challenge?

For a starter, it sounds tough to match your movements with the music. But, trying it is worth it. All you have to do is when the song says bring Sally down, you go to the bottom of a squat and hold until you hear “bring Sally up” then you stand. Repeat to the completion of the song.

If you’re doing a movement other than squats you follow the same idea.

‘Bring Sally Up’ pullups

Another workout moves which are even more challenging than squats and push-ups. Some of those who have tried it admit it themselves.

“Even an expert in pullups won’t do it well, because of the complexity of the movement,” says Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. of the ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge. “The pullup one is really good for grip strength, just don’t be afraid to dismount early or try to be a hero if you do that one.”

People who tried the challenge

Keep calm

Laurie Shaw recently tried this with a couple of friends, and found that performing the pushups themselves isn’t the difficult part of the challenge, but maintaining that tension for the stretches of the song that don’t include an “up” or “down” instruction.

At around 1 minute 42 seconds, less than halfway through the song, they have all given in and dropped to the ground, having completed 15 pushups. “It’s bloody hard,” says Shaw.

Try different variants of the Bring Sally Up challenge and tell us about your experience in the comment box. Enjoy!

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