Frank Speech App – Mike Lindell’s New Social App

The owner of famous pillow manufacturing company, Mike Lindell is all set to launch his new social media network, Frank Speech App. The owner claims that Frank Speech will throw Twitter and YouTube out of business. He further says that the network will keep the users away from swearing and blasphemy. Here is more about this new social media app.

While talking about the application, My Pillow’s owner has said that the application will be rolled out on 19th April. About the idea of application’s name he added that “using “Frank” everyone is going to be able to talk freely.”

In another video, he informed the users to restrain from few words on the platform. He said “You don’t get to use the four swear words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God’s name in vain.” Before the launch of application Lindell has made it clear that the users will not be able to use profanity, sexual content, and blasphemous language on this platform.

What Is Frank Speech App

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Frank Speech App is new social media platform that is all set to be launched on 19th April 2021. The application was initially open for VIP access and the website claims that they have received an overwhelming response so far. The users who have VIP access, can enter the site on Sunday.

The users who want to get access, can enter their phone number on Frank’s signup page. After completing the signup, you will be able to access “Frank” at 8am CT Monday.

Furthermore, the users who are trying to sign up from outside the United States might not be able to complete the sign up. You have to wait until the application gets launched on Monday. After the official launch, users from outside United States will be able to access the platform.

Frank Speech App Android

The application is yet to be launched so users will have to wait. You can access the app earlier only if you have signed up for the VIP access. Rest of the users can access the app on Monday.

Users should also know that this application is formatted as a web app. It means, this application doesn’t have to comply with the guidelines of Apple and Google store. Users will access the site using any of the mobile browsers.

The users can further get information about accessing Frank web app as a direct icon link from the official site of app. Lindell announced about the platform in March 2021. After being banned on twitter for spreading election misinformation in January, Lindell was frustrated.

He is a fierce supporter of Donald Trump and he thinks that 2020 elections have been stolen from Doanld Trump. So, he thought of a platform that would avoid restrictions implemented by the app stores. In an interview Lindell said that this platform will promote “voices of free speech,” instead of restrictions.

Frank Speech Website

Image Of Frank Speech Website

The new platform Frank, The voice of free speech is a hybrid of Twitter and YouTube. Talking about the platform, Lindell explained “You’re going to have your own like YouTube channel, only that’s your Twitter handle.” He is much confident that the application will out-stand both Twitter and YouTube.

While talking about the app’s concept, he has promised the users that they will certainly experience a new pitch. Lindell further added, “People are going to have more followers, ten times more followers.” The shocking news for Trump’s allies is that, this application will permit criticism of Trump.

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Bottom Line

Users are waiting eagerly for the applications official launch. We just hope that Frank Speech App will turn out to be what Lindell has claimed.

18 thoughts on “Frank Speech App – Mike Lindell’s New Social App”

  1. Love this!! Finally a social media app where we can see how we feel without being censored thank you Mike

  2. I have been trying to sign up. The only option I get is log in. there is no sign up. I read the instructions and followed them. Please help me be able to sign up for Frankspeech.

  3. I have been trying to log in.
    Created my account, then tried to open it.

    Keep coming up with error messages.
    Need help to open app! Dumbfounded now.

  4. Thank you Mr. Lindell for all you hard work for the American people. You have given hope to all of us to get truth and justice.


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