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Marry Me Chinese drama is a 2020 Chinese web drama/series. Released on 9th September, so far has broadcasted few episodes. There are total 35 episodes of this drama. The story is adapted from the novel Three Marriages.

The drama is based on the story of Ju Mu’er (Shan Xiao). She is a blind musician on a mission to find justice for her teacher’s death. This quest and journey brings her face to face a rich man Long Yue.  In the pursuit of the case they pretend to be husband and wife. Their fake relationship soon turns real when they start to fall in love.

Ju Mu’er’s (Shan Xiao) relaxed life comes to a devastating jolt when her teacher Shi Boyin (Nicky Wu) dies a wrongful death. She also loses her eyesight as a result and accidentally bumps into Long Yue (Xing Zhaolin), the wealthiest man in the city who happens to be sly and arrogant, has a sharp tongue and loves money as much as his own life.

Ju Mu’er sinks her teeth into her investigations and finds that consecutive cases keep bringing Long Yue and her together. Another married man is also chasing and harassing her to marry him which she does not want. As an escape to this situation, Ju Mu’er proposes a contract marriage to Long Yue to which he surprisingly agrees as she continues to find her teacher’s murderer.

In all this, both Ju Mu’er and Long end up marrying each other three times

Marry Me reviews

From the episodes premiered so far, it seems that there is a missing element of chemistry between the main characters of the drama. The drama plot is also not following the novel very closely and there are changes in the story.

In the beginning, both characters give their views about marriage. Long Yue says that he will prefer and arrange marriage and it is about gaining money and power. On the contrary, Ju says she will marry only for love.

Development in Story

 Long Yue owns an inn called Yilong Inn and he charges for everything and was very exacting.  And this very nature which made him tangle with Ju Mu’er who sells and delivers wine to Yilong Inn.

The inn owes a long unpaid amount to Yilong. When she tries to collect her money from the inn, Long Yue says that the wine they receive from Ju Mu’er often not enough volume or liters.

To prove to this, he pours the wine to his measuring jar, but Ju Mu’er observes that he was pouring it haphazardly and spilling everywhere.

So they don’t get on but it seems fate has a plan for them because they were always bumping into each other.

Her master, Shi Boyin was coming back to the Capital after such a long time of absence.  He had been semi-banished because his music apparently caused the miscarriage of one of the emperor’s concubines.

Anyway, Shi Boyin is fairly close to the Empress Dowager who wants to meet.

Their meeting though does not happen because the murderers want to get Shi Bo YIn.

Ju Mu’er was contacted by the Empress Dowager to deliver her letter to Shi Bo Yin.

When Shi Bo Yin got it, he told Ju Mu’er that they do not have any relationship anymore.  She is no longer his student and he was not her master.

How to Watch Marry Me Chinese Drama

The drama is available on IQiya drama with English subtitles. 16 episodes are available so far.


It is based on a light romantic story with some elements of thrill in it. So, it is a suggestion to watch the drama online. I am confident that you will enjoy the Marry Me Chinese novel.

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