Mystery Keywords With no Meaning Thoroughly Explained

Mystery Keywords with no Meaning

The most common phrase today related to knowledge is ‘Google knows it all?’  Though there are plenty of search engines but our go-to platform is always Google.

But, can you imagine if I say even Google sometimes fails to provide you an answer? Yes, you heard it right because it is all related to Mystery Keywords with no meaning.

How Google Works?

Initially Google organizes information about webpages in its Search index. This index is like a library, containing more information than in all the world’s libraries, all put together. These webpages is the content uploaded into the Google database by individuals or companies.

Then, in a fraction of a second, Google’s search algorithms sort through hundreds of billions of webpages. Then search algorithm finds most relevant useful results from Search index. These are the most useful results related to the keyword we have used..

To help anyone find what anyone is searching, Google offers results in many useful formats. Whether presented as a map with directions, images, videos or stories.

In this way Google presents all the relevant data related to the keywords. Even sometimes Google omits some of the terms and phrases completely from the keyword. But in case of Mystery keyword with no meaning, Google also seems helpless.

Content Africanilorislate

The term suggests that the word is related to some content and continent Africa. But typing these words in Google will give you no search results. Or possibly the only search result will be this article itself.

As already mentioned the term can be related to some content on Africa. Thus, when we write the keyword by inserting a space after ‘African’, the result shows an opinion on content moderation written by someone with the name Tomiwa Ilori.  This can be an indication that people are making some mistake in typing this keyword.


This is another mysterious keyword for which Google itself seems puzzle. Google suggest adding more terms to keyword or spelling the existing keyword correctly.

Grocery tescopfannerbloomberg

Can it be something related to famous grocery store of UK Tesco? Maybe yes. In this case Google returns the results related to the 16000 vacancies created by Tesco — Britian largest supermarket. The top search result is an article Eric Pfanner for the Bloomberg. This clearly tells us that it is a matter of misspelling.

freepik 8.3mcimpanuzdnet

The results for this search are interesting. The results show an article written on the same topic and some images from

When you click on these links to open them further, the main Yahoo page opens with message popped up on the top which says “Hmmm… the page you’re looking for isn’t here. Try searching above.”

These pictures are of different personalities including Donald Trump. The other two search results are from This also leads you to the same Yahoo main page.

This keyword seems to have a mysterious association with Yahoo. But I’m quite sure that the search results are not the ones people are looking for.

qa newton facebookkantrowitzonezero

As anyone can guess that the intention of this Google search is to know something about Newton. The search results show a website of a chain of schools in Doha, Qatar named Newton Group.

The suggestions for the other searches are all related to this Newton Group of Schools. The search results are very bizarre like the one above.


This is not a unique keyword but the above keyword with first two terms skipped. This does not return any results. But when you break the keyword into facebook kantrowitz onezero it return the results related to the QAnon conspiracy theory involving Donald Trump.

The title of this article is “Why Facebook Can’t Quash QAnon” pubished on OneZero. The page also provides the link to another article by famous journalist Alex Kantrowitz. In my view, this also appears to be the case of misspelling in typing the keyword or mixing two keywords

national ofqualwakefieldbbc

 How come the search phrase “national ofqualwakefieldbbc” can bring BBC to the top of the search result? This again seems a case of misspelling. The intention of the search seems to be related to Ofqual algorithm related to A level Grades. BBC breaks the news about it being flawed and under critic.

workplacekantrowitz onezero

The search results of this are also giving images from the articles of Alex kantrowitz on OneZero.

iap wordpresshollister

In this case, Google does not seem clueless or puzzled at all. The user definitely wants to know about Skirmish between Apple and WordPress over the in-app purchases. Maybe someone looking for IAPWordPress Hollister in a drunken state typed these instead.

Detailedberreby nationalgeographic

David Berreby is an award-winning independent science writer, who works for National Geographic as well. There is no result in the Google search data for “detailedberreby nationalgeographic”.

Must that mean something? It shouldn’t because it is obvious the search query is a jumbled up. The purpose of the search was to know about David Berreby and his association with National Geographic.

I want to conclude that in most of the above cases, there seems to be an element of human error in typing. Thus, it would not be justifiable to claim that Google is worthless or not a good search engine. Moreover, it is safe that the Mystery words with no meaning have a rational meaning.

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