Robert Lewandowski Tiktok and Surprised Fans

Who is Robert Lewandowski? Many of you must know him as a Polish Football player. But wait, you know what, he is a TikTok star too. Robert Lewandowski Tiktok got fame during this global pandemic period. His football fans are awestruck by his Tiktok stardom.

Robert Lewandowski

The footballer is distinguished for his positioning, technique and finishing. Robert is widely looked up to as one of the best players in the world. Moreover, he is one of the best strikers in Bundesliga history.

His debute match was for Lech in July 2008. In that match, he scored the only goal of the match.

Robert Lewandowski Tiktok

No one can disagree with the fact that Tiktok has grown into one of the biggest giants among the social media platforms.  The prime names of the Tiktok Stars that comes to one’s mind can be Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. Yes, these are the young teenagers who got huge names on Tiktok.

In contrast to these youngsters, our 31-year old footballer posted his first video on Tiktok on 3rd April, 2010. Surprisingly, he hugely succeeded in winning a considerable following on the social media platform. In his first post, he make a goal in his and greeting the audience and asking them to follow him.

His posts, so far, show that he is using the platform for entertainment during Covid-19 lockdown. Even one of his dancing video posted on earlier this August, captioned ‘Don’t take life too seriously, have fun’. His dance moves and facial expressions are commendable.


Dont’t take life too seriously, have fun 😉😀 #rockstar #fyp #foryou

♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch

Since then, Robert Lewandowski has earned 2.5 million following and 12.6 million likes on Tiktok.

His fans reactions on social media

Many of his fans seem bewildered on his fame and caught off guard initially. They have expressed their surprise lately on social media. His fans also want him to have a Tiktok dance if he and his club Bayern win the upcoming Champions League. Though, the footballer started his Tiktok career earlier this year but the posts from his fans are very recent.

Opinion: The fame of Stars on Social media platforms in inevitable

Talking about the players, not only Robert Lewandowski but the Alphonso Davies, the professional Canadian soccer player and Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero, got fame on Tiktok.

The latter two have also several million followers on Tiktok. There is another good news that the Bayern and TikTok’s parent company, Douyin, have agreed to a new partnership between the respective brands.

It can be safely said that, you can’t argue with someone who’s scored 55 goals (and counting). In a nutshell, who are already stars and have millions of fans, getting more followers on another social media platform is a piece of cake.

Though the dance performances of Robert are no doubt, very good but he would have got likes irrespective of that. The actual struggle is for a normal person to get this much followers on social media platforms. They are bound to do something extraordinary to boast millions of followers.

For instance, Charles D’Amelio has a history of 10 years struggle of learning dancing. On a lighter note, it would not be wrong if I say that the dance moves of Amelio are way better than Robert’s. Despite, they have almost equal number of followers

Many of the TikTok users and seeing a 31-year-old Robert Lewandowski fans would want Robert doing the same type of dance videos as 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio. This would certainly be a strange sight to behold.

According the expectations from one of the best football players on the planet, plenty of Lewandowski’s TikTok posts show him doing kick-ups and tricks with a football.

Another good news for his fans that his club has one match against Paris St-Germain in a tightly contested Champions League final. Fans should wait and watch for his winning Tiktok video.

Robert Lewandowski Football

I would do injustice if I did not acknowledge that Robert Lewandowski Tiktok dance videos are surprisingly good.

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