Who Is Anjali Ryot? Vlogger Killed In Mexico

An Indian vlogger named Anjali Ryot, who lived in San Jose, California is no more with us. She has passed away in a shooting in a bar in Mexico. Here is more about the unfortunate incident.

Anjali Ryot a famous vlogger and social media influencer was accidentally caught in an attack in the Caribbean coast resort of Tulum in Mexico on October 20th.

Initial reports have revealed that 2 tourists are being killed while 3 others are severely injured. The incident took place when Anjali Ryot and a German tourist were in a restaurant in Tulum.

As soon as the news was confirmed, Anjali’s fans have rushed towards Twitter to extend their condolences and prayers. Several international and local news channels reported the incident.

Who Was Anjali Ryot?

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Anjali Ryot was a social media influencer hailing from the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. She had a massive followers count over Instagram. Most of her social media posts covered her travel journey. She was fond of traveling and sharing her journey with her followers.

Anjali had over 42.5K followers on her Instagram account that is now made private. You can find her Instagram account under the username Profile photo @thestylelagoon.

As revealed by her Instagram bio, she was an engineer and was serving LinkedIn. Reports have further revealed that she was a senior site reliability engineer at LinkedIn.
 Anjali was fond of fashion blogging. She started her career as a fashion blogger in the year 2016. Over time, she had amassed thousands of followers.

This popular fashion blogger remained quite active on Instagram than any other social media platform. Although she had a Twitter handle but she couldn’t attract many followers there. Over Twitter, she only had 67 followers. So, she wasn’t quite active on her Twitter handle. The deceased Indian fashion model posted for the last time on Twitter on 3rd February 2018. Her Twitter bio reads, Fashion blogger, traveler, dreamer :)”. She had joined Twitter in the year 2016.

How Did Anjali Ryot Die?

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Anjali traveled to Mexico on October 18th to celebrate her birthday, little did she know that it was going to be the last trip of her life. On 20th October, while Anjali was sitting in a restaurant with a German tourist, two gangs opened fire on each other, and Anjali along with some other tourists caught in the shooting.

Anjali and the German tourist were killed at the spot while three other tourists are said to be severely injured. The incident took place at 10:30 pm terrace of La Malquerida restaurant.

Several people reported the incident on Twitter and many other social media platforms. While reporting about the incident, Raul Rao a Photo Editor and LA Times CN reporter wrote on Twitter:

“A San Jose, CA woman born in India was 1 of 2 foreign tourists killed in the apparent crossfire of a drug-gang shootout in Mexico’s Caribbean coast resort of Tulum. Authorities in Quintana Roo, where Playa del Carmen & Cancun are located, said one of the dead women was Anjali Ryot.”

The German woman who has died alongside Anjali is identified as Jennifer Henzold. The three other tourists who are injured included two German men and a Dutch woman.

Anjali’s parents are shattered after the sudden demise of their 25-year-old daughter. While her dead body is still in California, Anajli’s brother wrote a Tweet requesting the Mayor to help them complete all the formalities so that Anjali’s dead body can be taken back to India.

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Bottom Line

This was all about Anjali Ryot who is being killed in Mexico on 20th October. Her last rites will take place in India once her dead body is taken back to her home country.

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