Who Qualifies For The $600 Stimulus Check — Explained

As the COVID-19 relief packages are revised, people are confused about Who Qualifies For The $600 Stimulus Check . The congressional leaders have reached a deal regarding COVID-19 economic relief package last Sunday.

Now people are probing to know Who Qualifies For The $600 Stimulus Check. If you want to know all information regarding this deal then keep reading. This article will explain all the new policies regarding The $600 Stimulus Checks.

According to the House Speaker, Nancy Speaker and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. “The relief package includes $600 direct payments to Americans and $300 for the enhanced unemployed for upcoming 10 weeks.

It is also clear that individuals making less than $75000 per year will be eligible for checks. And couples making less than $150000 will be eligible for the $600 checks. The dependents will also be eligible for $600 checks instead of $500 checks this year.

Who Will Get $600 Stimulus Check

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Due to the global Corona Pandemic, millions of people have lost their jobs. So, Governments all around the world are trying to do the needs full by providing certain relief packages.  According to an Analyst (Raymond James) with Investment bank. “Initially a proposal of $908 billion is set aside for the stimulus checks”. It also focuses on providing additional $300 in weekly unemployment aid.

The analyst further says that this amount is half of the payments that are distributed to 160 million Americans from the Corona Virus Aid. And also from Relief and Economic Security, or CARES Act.

Considering the current scenario, some senators have also come forward. They have insisted to include another round of checks for the deserving low and middle income Americans.  A Republican senator has asked to force a vote on the proposal before lawmakers adjourn.

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$600 Stimulus Check Eligibility

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The bill will further extend all pandemic unemployment programs that are suppose to expire by this month. There is no information about how long will the programs extend. But most probably these benefits will extend for 11 weeks of unemployment.

The deal is being proposed as two of the emergency programs were scheduled to end by last of December. These programs include Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, that are designed to help self-employed, temporary workers and gig workers.

And the second program is Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, that adds an additional 13 weeks of benefits beyond the typical 26 weeks that states provide to unemployed workers.

The bill also comprises of extension plans for small business Paycheck Protection Program, which has expanded the eligibility criteria for people associated with local newspapers, broadcasters and nonprofits. Small businesses will receive a grant of $20 billion and $15 billion to businesses associated with live event venues.

While talking about the bill Hawley shares his opinion saying, giving $600 per person is a good initiative he further says “good movement in the right direction.” But “I think it needs to be $1,200.”

Congress leaders have also shared their opinion regarding the bill. The Housekeeper Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman has shared his opinion on twitter saying. “The Speaker and Secretary Mnuchin spoke at Noon by phone for 1 hour, 7 minutes and discussed the latest on COVID and Omni talks. The Secretary will join the Four Corners leadership meeting today at 4 p.m. by phone,”

The bill has paved path for political debates and people are clueless about if they are going to receive any aid or not.


To sum up the article I would like to add that the individuals who have earned less than $75000 last year or couples making less than $150000 in a year will be eligible for the $600 checks.

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