Winding and Grinding TikTok: All You Need to Know About

It’s all about one of the top ten famous song of the singer and song writer Akon Thiam. This song is titled “I see you winding and grindin’ up on the floor’.

The top users of Tiktok are aware of the trending video winding and grinding Tiktok. Akon wrote this song and recorded it by featuring Snoop Dog. Moreover, 50th Grammy Awards nominated his song in the category of Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Winding and Grinding song lyrics

Following are the lyrics of the song.

Konvict… music… and you know we up front

I see you windin’ n’ grindin’ up on the floor
I know you see me lookin’ at you, and you already know
I wanna love you(love you), you already know
I wanna love you(love you), you already know (girl)

Money in the air as mo’ feel
Grab you by your coat tail
Take you to the motel ‘hoe sale
Don’t tell, won’t tell
Baby said I don’t talk dog, but she told on me, oh well
Take a picture wit’ me
What the flick gon’ do
Baby, stick to me and I’m a stick on you
If you pick me then I’m a pick on you
D-O-double G, and I’m here to put this dick on you
I’m stuck on pussy, n’ yours is right
Rip-ridin’ them poles, and them doors is tight
And I’m a get me a shot before the end of the night
‘Cause pussy is pussy and, baby I’m pussy for life

The song is around 5 minutes long. The above are first few lines from the lyrics. One of the intriguing fact is that the lyrics have been modified as self-cencership measures. For instance, the word ‘fuck you’ got replaced by love you. Akon also changed A line in the chorus ‘I wanna see you winding and grinding up on the pole’ to ‘up on the floor’.

Winding and Grinding Dance

Coming back to the Winding and Grinding Ticktok, there have been several videos getting viral with the above song in the background and people performing some cool dance moves.

Some of the compilations of theses dances are up on Youtube as well. In addition to this, the videos also contain people either laughing or giving different reactions with the song playing in the background.

Among the dance moves, hip jerking movements or pelvic thrusts are at the top. Interestingly, some of the dancers are doing the dance with toothbrushes or straws in their mouths.

Tiktok is stormed with a plethora of dance videos. In particular, during the time of quarantine due to Corona virus pandemic, people have found the dance video unavoidable.

Some of the famed dances are “Say So”Â Dance, The “Cannibal”, The Renegade, The “Supalonely”, The “Savage”Â Dance and The “Attention”Â Dance on TikTok. These dances are as cool as their titles.

How can I forget to mention the smooth dance moves by a school teacher from Louisville, Kentucky.. The motivation behind using tiktok is to stay in touch with the current trends and social media, in order to communicate with his students.  The 52-year old middle school teacher got inspiration from his daughters to use Tiktok.

Having said this all about the ‘I see you winding and grinding tiktok and other dances on tiktok, it is highly recommended getting on the dance floor and trying some of the cool dance moves depicted by the talented dancers.

Thus, you can also come up with your own creative dance moves. Never forget to watch all the compilation videos related to I see you winding and grinding tiktok dance. Hence, let’s try some dance moves and enjoy your quarantined phase to the fullest.

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