Ascension to the Top Full Chines Novel Story Review

Ascension to the Top is a reminder and an eye-opener for us. It tells us, in an engaging way, the value of money in our lives and its importance in day to day affairs. In this materialistic, coin driven world the money is the god-pleaser. It decides the value and worth of a person. Admiration and respect are determined by worldly possessions.

You are the eye candy for the materialistic money seekers when you have the money. Here we come to know that even the emotions and feelings are for sale. The love can be bought and sold if one has the ability to dole out the right amount.

Ascension to the Top

Image of Ascension to the Top

In the novel, the writer stresses the point that with material success, happiness can be ensured. The dreams can come true. The person you desire can be yours. You are the driver of your own fate and pleasures if you have unlimited access to this human invention.

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Wealth is not the God but can swing the mood and attitudes of earthly gods to your favor. It brings power and power attracts more power like a magnet. Wealth is the insurance for your wellbeing and for the strength of the web of relations around you.

What when you don’t have even a modicum of it? This does not only tests a person’s attitude and real behavior but helps him or her determine the sincerity of others as well. There are two types of people in this world those who look for genuine relationships and those who seek personal gains and desire selfish achievements only.

The Ascension to the top teleread tells us that when you are born in wealth and prosperity the sense of recognizing the greedy and selfish may never develop. But when faced with circumstances when the wealth is taken away from you and reduced to a worthless ordinary person, the reality of your friends and well-wishers becomes evident.

This enables us to distinguish between the fake and the real. Find the virtuous and selfless and distance ourselves from the materialistic and selfish. The former are the real treasure. Lucky are those who get to have both the affluence of capital and treasure of real companions.

Ascension to the Top Novel

The Ascension to the Top will take us through the life journey of an innocent man who believed love triumphant everything. A man who antagonizes his own family for the love of his life. For this girl, he rejects the riches and wealth of his affluent family.

When given the choice to marry a girl of family’s choice or go with his own wishes and relinquish the right to property, this sincere man opts for the second option. Thus begins the days of his test and misery. Yet he bears it for the sake of love.

For love, he becomes a worthless, penniless person who lives on a single meal a day and serves food to people till late at night at an unknown snack bar. But the girl for whom he has sacrificed so much has a belief of her own. She is a gold-digger and money is her only attraction.

She showed her love for this man because he was rich. Now he has nothing except the waiter’s job, there is no attraction in him for her. The gifts and the love from him are not enough to make this girl stick to him.

On her birthday, the hero of the novel goes to the university with a gift in hand that he has bought after saving every penny for months. There he finds her in the company of another man. This man has the potential to make her dreams come true with his father’s money. The son of a successful businessman in a BMW car is more attractive than a pauper boyfriend.

Thus dawns upon the hero, the reality of this materialistic world. On this day he realizes what a foolish choice he made a year ago. He rejected his own family and wealth for a money seeker, how wrong he was. The girl gave him attention for something which he is deprived of now. So there is no attraction left in him anymore.

There is no chance, the hero getting the family’s wealth. So she decides to break up with him on her birthday. On this day the sincere man gets his dignity and respect back and the girl loses a gem, a precious gift slips away from her hand forever. Ascension to the Top full novel is a story of regret for her.

This sudden turn of events is beyond the burden this poor and simple man can bear. He gave up on everything just to be around her. While she finds him worthless, a discard, not worthy of calling her own. This is the treatment from the girl he loved from the depths of his heart.

Ascension to the Top forces us to think, why do people get blinded by the superficial glitter? Maybe they are incapable of seeing beyond a certain limit. The myopic senses, weakened by greed and avarice dampens their ability to recognize the real gems.

Nevertheless, this breakup comes as a blessing for the protagonist of the story. The family gets the news of his breakup and is more than willing to mend ways. On the very same day, this pauper gets access to family funds. He can now spend millions in a day without anyone questioning him.

The poor and useless from yesterday is the most affluent kid on the block now. The days of misery and poverty are over for him. This life of penury has taught him lessons. He is stronger than before with a keen sense of recognizing the people and their intents.

To differentiate between the fake and the real. Between the selfless and the selfish. He knows more about the material-driven world. His status is beyond that haughty man his girlfriend left him for. Once living on a single meal to collect each penny for his girlfriend, he has learned the value of money.

Ascension to the Top Story

The protagonist in the novel has become capable of doing many things that he could only dream of yesterday. But he is a humble and innocent man. However, he recognizes the people now and knows how to treat them.

Will he avenge the disrespect meted to him by the gluttonous around him? How will he react to those who treated him like a stray street dog? Though he lost the person most valuable to him, yet that time has gifted him with sincere people. Those who don’t seek relations based on wealth.

Would he retain them? Or would he just become another haughty man with money to spend and power to unleash? Fake love has made him realize that not all relations are built for the sake of emotions and not always are based on pure feelings. Most of the people have an ax to grind for themselves.

How would he treat those around him with that power of money and wealth? Will he use it to propel the fate of his own and that of the people around him towards prosperity? Or will it turn him into someone who thinks for self alone? To find out you will have to read the complete novel.

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Ascension to the Top Chinese Novel

The novel tells us about the importance of money in our lives. How does this paper determine our behavior and attitude towards others? This tells us how people fake sincerity and emotions like love and affection to seek material interests.

Ascension to the Top Read Online makes us realize that sincerity and honesty are the attributes not appreciated and cherished by all. For some money transcends all the virtues. Happiness for them is the materialistic world only and all else is meaningless.

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