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In this world, a person has to bear the fair share of hatred and apathy before falling into the hands of love and affection. Only that way, the blessings that this beautiful feeling brings can be experienced in full. The Melting in Your Sweetness will drive this point home convincingly.

Greed and avarice driven world mandates that a person with no one to call their own must fend for themselves. But at times under the pressure and burden of plots and shenanigans by the so-called your own, make life more miserable than the capacity to bear.

Melting in Your Sweetness

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The faith in humanity is restored by the right people at the right time. The affection and time can heal the deepest of wounds. The heartless through the experiences of life can melt the hardened walls of their hearts again. The sweetness of someone’s smile can make the hearts warm, make one feel alive.

This story brings us the vicissitudes of emotions, a collection of which this human life is. You will see the selflessness washing down the selfishness. Empathy taking the place of apathy and indifference. Hatred melting from the warmth of love. A desert blossoming with the right amount of rain.

Melting in Your Sweetness Novel

The story will take us through the life of a 17-year-old college girl. She lives in a hostel away from her family and one night out in the garden, walking in the dark, she bumps into a human figure lying on the ground. It is a man with a bullet injures.

She can’t ignore him. Carries him to the room and tends to his injuries. There she falls asleep late. When woken up by a call, “You have missed the paper”, she hears from the other side. After jumping up and looking around, the man has vanished, she realizes.

Takes the shortest route and goes to school and her stepsister informs her about a family meeting. She reaches her family villa after class. There she is welcomed by her father, step-mother, and sister. She gets the news that her step-sister is getting engaged and today the fiancé is coming home.

The Melting in Your Sweetness Novel Synopsis develops like this, the guest arrives. It is no one else but a man who has been boyfriend for the last one year. Her father has given the hand of her step-sister to this man in exchange for helping out financially in saving the family business.

Despite this development, this money is not enough. That is why this poor motherless girl is going to marry a fifty-year-old businessman for more money and financial support, according to the plan made by her family. Throughout her life, she has only seen injustice and misbehavior from her so-called family.

Today they crossed the limit and want to sell her for their selfish gains. This is more than she can bear and runs out of home in the rain empty stomach. Not far away from home, she gets hit by a car. In the backseat of this expensive car, there is no one else but the man she saved a few nights ago.

Melting in Your Sweetness Chinese Novel

This man who fell in love with this simple beauty as he woke up after that painful night, finds himself holding her in his hands. This man is not an ordinary man. That night when the opposite gang member shot him to kill, this girl, a stranger descended upon him in the dark to save his life like the angel of life.

A brutal murderer, whose eyes hold no warmth, a ruthless and heartless leader of a mysterious organization, would she bring the winds of emotions which never blew over his heart so far? Is she in the safe hands now?

Are her days of agony and trial over? Is this the budding of an epic love story that the world has never seen before? Or a temporary relief for a poor girl who has nobody to call her own in this cruel world. To know about what happens next, you will have to read the Melting in Your Sweetness.

As the story develops in the novel, you will find how the bond strengthens between the two. The writer has detailed the aspects from beginning to end which grabs the attention of the reader. This novel is more than a light reading anyways.

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Melting in Your Sweetness Full Story

The plots and storyline give the real touch despite it being a fantasy. The online reader can imagine the story in mind and visualize it with the help of all the detailed descriptions.

One of the best novel, written with twists and turn at the best intervals make the reading all the way more interesting from beginning to the end.

Whether you are looking for Melting in Your Sweetness PDF or an option to go for the Melting in Your Sweetness Read Online option. This novel definitely gives a reason to go till the end nonstop once you start it.

The kindness of an innocent girl by saving the life of an unknown person who is a ruthless and stonehearted man, to say the least, starts a story that melts them both in the sweetness of adoration for each other. Is the life bed of roses now? No, the story is about humans, these two lovers must have their fair share of troubles.

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