Catchsave Reviews — An Unbiased Website Review [June 2022]

Catchsave is the current viral website that is getting the attention of users for its eye-catchy smartwatches, however, users are looking for its reviews to finalize whether or not it is a scam. If you are among the users eyeing the amazing collection of Catchsave, read this article first.

It has become quite difficult for users to differentiate between legit and scam websites as they have to choose from a number of online portals.

Although technological advancements are taking place rapidly, internet websites are being poured with fake content and websites on daily basis. Hence, it has now become difficult for netizens to rely on the information without doing adequate research.

If you are an online shopping enthusiast, we would suggest you run adequate research before finalizing any deal. Also, make sure to visit our blogs as we often write unbiased reviews for online websites.

In today’s blog, we would be unveiling the legitimacy of ‘Catchsave’ which is an online portal that mainly deals in women’s accessories. It also deals in smart watches thus buyers are wondering to find Catchsave reviews so that they can make a worthy deal. To help them find Catchsave reviews, here we have crafted this blog. Keep reading!

Is Catchsave A Scam Website?

Image Of Is Catchsave A Scam Website

Before we help you find the legitimacy of Catchsave website, let’s check what the portal has for its online buyers.

Well, according to the initial information that we found, Catchsave is an India-based website popular for its vast collection of accessories. It deals in a variety of products including kitchenware, refrigerators, smart watches, refrigerators, and women-related products.

Although the products seem legit, users are looking for Catchsave reviews and here we have gathered some important information about the site.

We have assessed the Catchsave website on the below factors:

  • Domain age
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Website Reviews
  • Website Content
  • Contact Details
  • Alexa Rank

Let’s discuss each of the above elements in more detail to find if Catchsave is a legit website or a scam.

Catchsave Customer Reviews

Image Of Catchsave Customer Reviews

Number One: Domain Age

The website is a newbie and was created on 14th March 2022. Based on the domain registration age, the website is just 3 months old.

People often feel reluctant to rely on newbies, and so do we. Hence, we would suggest the users wait until the website becomes a reliable one.

Number Two: Trust Score

Another tool that most informed shoppers use to find the accuracy of any website is the online trust score calculator. These online trust calculating websites let you know how people across the globe rate a particular website.

In the case of Catchsave, it has a score of 60% which is an average score.

Number Three: Social Media Presence

Catchsave is not available on any of the social media platforms which isn’t a good thing.

Number Four: Website Reviews

Catchsave seems a bogus website as it has received a few reviews and all of them are positive ones. No other online site has provided reviews for this site.

Number Five: Website Content

Around 30% of the website content is copied, which is again a negative sign.

Number Six: Contact Details

The website provides an office address and email address but the details about the website owner are missing.

The website is further based in Kerela India and it has provided its address on the website.

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Final Verdict

Based on the above information, Catchsave seems like a suspicious website. It is a newbie and does not fulfill all the requirements to satisfy its authenticity. Thus, momentarily, buyers must not rely on the site without doing further research.

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