Cotosen Review – An Unbiased Review [April 2021]

A site named “Cotosen” is making rounds on the internet. Most of the customers seem dissatisfied with the site but we are here with the unbiased Cotosen Review. Whether Cotosen is a legit site to shop or not, let’s discover together.

In the days of Corona Pandemic people prefer to stay home and shop from the online platforms while staying at their comfort zones. Seeing this increased trend of online shopping, thousands of new businesses have joined the online E-commerce platforms.

In this scenario it becomes difficult for buyers to differentiate among fake and legit sites to shop from. Some get trapped by the false sites while many other users do prior research about the site before relying on them. If you are among those wise shoppers then we would congratulate you for taking out time to know about the legitimacy of sites before shopping online.

Today in this article, you will get enlightened with the true face of the viral site “Cotosen” and you will also have an overall idea to differentiate between fake and legit sites.

Is Cotosen Legit Or A Scam

Cotosen is an online apparel shop that has a wide variety of clothing. It deals in both men’s and women’s accessories. Though the website is designed amazingly, the very first thing that we found suspicious was the unending, unrealistic hot sale on almost every product.

This is a tactic of scam websites to trap innocent people. Using their low pricing strategy they attract people and then loot them later.

There also in no information about the website’s owner that isn’t a good practice of genuine companies. The very first hint about the fake websites is that, mostly such websites do not provide you the details of owner.

They also provide suspicious email addresses and contact numbers, so one should cross check all these common information about any site before proceeding to shop.

There also isn’t any Cotosen review section on the website which is not a good sign. To snoop more about this suspicious E-commerce store, we hopped on Cotosen’s review section on Trustpilot. We were stunned to see 89% bad reviews of the users.

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Cotosen Scam

While going through the reviews we found that Cotosen is a scam. Most of the customers complained about poor quality products. We have provided some of the customer reviews for your guidance below.

One user said “My rate is zero for this website. Do not buy from this website. They are scammers. I spent almost $90 and I received rubbish material, which looks nothing like the picture in the website. Do not be deceived by the pictures in the website.”

Another customer had even worse experience. Here is what he has written, “This is just organized cheating of people. I ordered tactical pants size L and 3 months later got summer trousers for ladies XL. It was funny until their customer service said that there are no refunds, just a voucher of $35 for a new order. Bloody criminals!”

One recent review reads, “I purchased 3 items & of those; (1) one never arrived, (2) the 2nd was a different color than I selected, (3) & the 3rd was way too large. I got scammed, received no refund & wasted my hard-earned money. Don’t be tempted or fooled by what appears be an enticing product selection; it’s all crap & so is COTOSEN!!!”

The final suspicious thing we want to discuss is the site’s content. The entire content of COTOSEN is duplicated and even the pictures they have used are being stolen from other websites.

Final Verdict

After inquiring through all possible means, we came to the conclusion of Cotosen Review that, it is a scam. Therefore we would advise you all to not shop from this website.

3 thoughts on “Cotosen Review – An Unbiased Review [April 2021]”

  1. No es una estafa, es la GRAN ESTAFA. La ropa no es ni de lejos la de las fotos, no hay manera de recuperar tu dinero, las prendas vienen sin etiquetar y son de una calidad horrible, pero horrible horrible. A mí se me descosió una manga nada más ponerme una camiseta. BASTA YA DE ESTAFAS CHINAS.

  2. I purchased a cap and tee shirt. Both arrived within 3 weeks to Auckland NZ. They were exactly what *I ordered and they are fantastic. I was looking at the website to order some trousers and a jacket when I saw the remarks about whether they are legit or a scam. I got what I ordered so for me that indicates they are legit. If I order something else and it doesnt arrive….I will write a new reply

  3. I ordered and received a jacket from the Cotosen website. I have to admit the communication from the shipper was pretty good, still, the jacket took almost three weeks to arrive. The product was very disappointing. Nothing like the pictures, very poorly put stitched and assembled with material of the lowest quality. The zipper moves with great difficulty and appears likely to fail in short order. The cost of purchase and shipping was just over $70.00, I would not pay more than $15.00 for it and really something I wouldn’t wear other than activities that call for disposable garments, i.e..gardening or reading a book by the fire pit.


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