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Cutie Please Marry Me Again is a perfect online read for people who believe in love stories. If you are searching for an interesting novel to read during your leisure time then, Cutie Please Marry Me Again is the best novel for you. Before you start reading the novel, we have written a short summary for this amazing novel here. Keep reading and get to know about this incredible novel.

The story revolves around a couple who knew one another from their childhood and then they get married later on. The female lead character is Jenna Murphy who gets married to Hansen Richards, who is the male lead character of this novel. Jenna loved him so much but in-return she doesn’t get the same.

The story isn’t as simple as you think; it is full of emotional drama that will keep you tied to the story. Let’s dive deep to know what happened next.

Cutie Please Marry Me Again Novel

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Jenna Murphy gets married to Hansen with a belief that someday she is going to receive all the love she has given to her partner. But before her dream comes true, she faces a miserable loss. Her parents meet a tragic accident in which she loses her father and her mother gets severe injuries.

Despite losing her father, she has to stand strong because she is the only hope to her ailing mother who is lying on the death bed. Due to the serious injuries, her mother gets into the ICU and she was supposed to have multiple surgeries.

Cutie Please Marry Me Again Story

Image Of Cutie Please Marry Me Again Story

Jenna was helpless as she was the only one who can support her mother in this critical situation. Little did Jenna know that she was going to face another dilemma later on. Jenna has a paternal uncle whom she didn’t like much. As soon as her father left, her greedy uncle came forward to rob all her property.

The property was Jenna’s only hope, as she has to fund her mother’s surgeries. But now what? What would Jenna do to fund her mother’s surgeries? Will she request her greedy uncle for help? Or would she ask Hansen to get her back? Will she be able to save her mother? Keep reading to know all these answers.

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Cutie Please Marry Me Again Read Online

After losing her property, Jenna was clueless. She was numb, she was strong but she was helpless now. While she was thinking about the options to fund her mother’s surgeries, she came up with one option. But this could be the most expensive decision for her life.

To meet her mother’s medical expenses she has only one option, and that was to divorce Hansen. She has made the decision now and she was not going to step back. She reaches Hansen’s office with the divorce papers in her hand.

Hansen didn’t like her much initially, so nobody opposed her for this decision. After finalizing the paper work, she leaves his office with a heavy heart. As she was leaving the office, she was thinking about all her dreams, all of her long-holding desires were now collapsed. As she was crying while leaving the office, Hansen was watching her standing in his cabin. Her tears were falling on his heart and it softened the coldness of Hansen’s heart.

Later, Hansen pleaded her present to his grandma’s birthday party. He was trying to make up their relationship that was gone away from him. Will she accepts his apology? Will they be able to fix their love-life? Read the full story to know all the answers.

Concluding Remarks

This was a brief description of Cutie Please Marry Me Again novel. We would suggest you to read the novel online otherwise you will regret it later.

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