Harvey Nichols Scam — Is Harvey Nichols A Scam?

A new online store ‘Harvey Nichols’ is flaunting across the web and buyers are curious to know if it is a scam site or a legit one. If you are among the users looking for an unbiased review of Harvey Nichols, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about Harvey Nichols.

Web stores are piling up with each passing day and so are the number of bogus websites. From drop shipping websites to factory stores and individual factories that produce products in bulk, we encounter hundreds of new website suggestions while scrolling across the internet.

Since the Covid pandemic, online shopping charts have shown a sudden hype and millions of people have shifted from conventional shopping to online shopping sites. Based on this sudden hype, crooks are also looking for opportunities to scam online buyers. Thus, it has now become essential for users to check for the legitimacy of websites before placing an order.

To help the readers make wise decisions online, we always come up with unbiased website reviews. Today’s blog is dedicated to revealing the legitimacy of ‘Harvey Nichols’, which most users claim to be a scam.

Is Harvey Nichols A Scam Site?

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Before getting into the detail of whether or not Harvey Nichols is a scam, let’s look into what the website actually deals in.

Harvey Nichols deals in a variety of products. From women’s clothing to cosmetics and gifts you will find several products on this web store.

Some of the prominent products that we were able to spot on the website include:

  • Women’s clothing
  • Shoes and accessories for women
  • Cosmetics
  • Kids clothing
  • Gift options
  • Food and wine

One of the major reasons why the website is boasting millions of visits is, that it is offering all the products at low prices. Users have found this a suspicious factor and thus are willing to assess the legitimacy of the site. To help all such users here we have assessed Harvey Nichols on the following factors:

  • Domain age
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Website Reviews
  • Website Content
  • Contact Details
  • Shipping Policy

Let’s discuss all the above points in detail to find whether or not it is a legit site.

Is Harvey Nichols Legit?

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1. Domain Age:

We were amazed to witness the domain age of Harvey Nichols. It is registered on 12th May 1997 and is currently 25 years and 29 days old. Well, this means the website is quite an experienced one and the chances of it being legit are high.

2. Trust Score

Just like its age and experience, Harvey Nichols has boasted a trust score of 96% which is exceptional. Another strong point is to prove the legitimacy of the app.

3. Social Media Presence

As expected, the website also has a strong presence on social media. On Instagram, it has a followers count of 555K, which is huge. Harvey Nichols is followed by thousands on Facebook as well.

4. Website Reviews

The website has got mixed reviews from the users which is acceptable. It has earned a 4/5 score on Yelp which is again impressive.

5. Website Content

The website content available on Harvey Nichols is original. Another green flag!

6. Contact Details

The website has provided all the essential details including the contact number, email address, and the company’s physical address. According to the details available on the site, Harvey Nichols is based in London UK.

7. Shipping Policy

The website has provided all the essential documents including the shipping policy. Another positive factor!

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The Final Verdict

Based on the information provided above, we have come to the conclusion that Harvey Nichols is a legit site. It possesses all the factors essential for a legitimate website.

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