Honor Society Foundation Scam Updated [June 2021]

A scam email imitating to be from the Honor Society Foundation is tricking people on the internet. If you haven’t encountered this scam yet, here is all you must be aware of.

Scamming via text messages and emails has become a common practice for fraudsters these days. Common people are using online ways for communication hence online scams have also inclined in recent years. The only way to overcome these phishing attacks is to be vigilant and cautious before relying on any suspicious text message or email.

In majority of scams, fraudsters imitate to be from well reputed companies or government organizations, one thing that can help you identify these scams is, the fraudsters will always try to get your important credentials or they will demand for any sort of money. So whenever you encounter such deals, double check their URL’s before clicking on any malicious link.

Today’s article will enlighten you with a similar scam that pretends to be from Honor Society Foundation. Stay tuned!

What Is Honor Society Foundation Scam

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Honor Society Foundation is a non-profit organization with work experience of more than 200 years. The basic aim of this organization is to provide scholarships, educational assistance, and recognition of the future of achievers.

Furthermore, the Honor Society Foundation has an A+ rating and is accredited with the BBB. This is the reason why this foundation is very valued in society.

Considering the goodwill of this prestigious organization, some crooks are sending fake emails to users that claim to be from the Honor Society Foundation. The fake email handles work under usernames like “HonorSocietyUS” or “StudentHonors”. Thousands of users have reported scam emails that request the users to activate their membership.

The spam emails further ask the users to click on the links attached to activate membership and get exclusive scholarships. However, the Honor Society Foundation has come forward to guide its customers about these scams.

They have clearly stated that the suspicious emails have no linkage with the organization. They have further advised their customers not to share any important information with these crooks.

How To Report Honor Society Foundation Scam

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To be able to report the scams, users should first learn to identify them. The Honor Society Foundation Scam emails usually start with a salutation of sir/madam. In the majority of cases, the fraudsters mention the customer’s full name, and this is the reason why most customers rely on them.

There is typically a spelling error in the name of companies or organizations mentioned in the emails. They may also come from different phone numbers and email handles but the original email address and contact numbers of Honor Society Foundation are constant and are available on their official website.

The official email address of Honor Society Foundation ends with honorsociety.org, so the customers should not rely on the information provided through any other email address.

If you ever come across such emails, check the URL of link attached, hover over it and you will get to know about the suspiciousness of email immediately. Furthermore, you should also report such messages and emails to relevant companies and cyber security agencies.

Is The Honor Society Foundation A Scam

The Honor Society Foundation is an honored organization working for centuries now. Customers have also given glorious reviews on their website and the website is well maintained and user friendly.

After tracking down all the details, we have found this organization to be a legit one. But some users are receiving scam emails that are not related to the Honor Society Foundation at all.

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Bottom Line

It is always important to be very cautious while dealing with anonymous text messages and emails. Reporting such scams is also important so, users who have experienced such scams should spread awareness on different platforms to help others.

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