Is Cokano Store Legit? Unbiased Review [November 2022]

Cokano Store is an online site that has attracted the limelight for its wide lighting material collection, but is this site legit and reliable or a scam? Thousands of online buyers have come across Cokano Store and have got attracted to its product collection, but they are reluctant to make a purchase as the website seems to be a scam. To help these buyers figure out the legitimacy of this site, we have gathered all the details about it. Keep reading to know whether or not this website is a scam.

If you are an avid internet user, you must have come across several posts advertising catchy online products. Sellers advertise their products online as this is the easiest way to get customers. And online buyers too rely on these advertisements and follow them to get their desired products. Little do they know that not all these websites spending hundreds of dollars on their advertisements are legit. Several advertisers are spending money to reach customers just to sell their cheap quality products.

So, it is quote a difficult task to locate legit websites and purchase quality products online. So considering these increasing cases of scams, online buyers must check the legitimacy of online websites before relying on them blindly.

Today’s article aims at giving you an unbiased review of Cokano Store. At the end of this article, you will get an idea about whether Cokano Store is a scam or a legit website.

Is Cokano Store Legit Or Scam?

Image Of Is Cokano Store Legit Or Scam

As explained earlier, Cokano Store is an online portal that deals in a variety of lighting materials. The majority of products displayed on this site work on solar energy. All these products aim at cutting off your electricity bills.

The website also caters to the needs of parents, they have a huge product collection dedicated to kids only. Following are major products that we were able to spot on the Cokano Store’s official website:

  • LED Solar Lights
  • Kids Height Growth Chart
  • Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Solar Lights
  • Wall Stickers
  • Kids Room Décor
  • Solar Mushroom lights
  • Strawberry solar lighthouse

The website claims to have the best quality products and it declares its prices to be the most reasonable prices online. But are all these claims legit? Does Cokano Store sends legit products to its customers or it is a scam? We have assessed the site on the below factors to scrutinize its legitimacy:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Website Content
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

Cokano Store Customer Reviews

Image Of Cokano Store Customer Reviews

1. Domain Age

The domain registration date of Cokano Store is 8th October 2022. It means that it is a newbie and it lacks experience. Having known that the website is not even hardly a month old, we would suggest you not shop with it.

2.  Contact Details

The website has provided an email address but the mobile number is missing. However, it has provided its physical address according to which it is based in Nottingham.

3. Website Content

The website content and images seem to be original.

4. Trust Score

The website has got a trust score of 2%, which is not a reliable score. Based on this score, the website Cokano Store doesn’t seem to be legit.

5. Social Media Presence

The website contains no social media icons on the site nor are they present on any of the major social media sites. It is again a red flag.

6. Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews for Cokano Store. It is again a negative point.

7. Physical Address

The website has mentioned the company’s physical address following which it is based in England. This is a positive point.

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The Final Verdict

Considering all the above factors we have come to the verdict that Cokano Store is not a legit site for now. So, buyers must wait for the website to get mature, only then it can be decided whether Cokano Store is a scam or a legit company.

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