Is Discount Mall Legit? An Unbiased Review

A new online website “Discount Mall” is flaunting across several websites luring the internet surfers for huge discounts, but is it a legit platform or a scam? Here is an unbiased review of the platform for you.

Internet is full of fake websites, if you aren’t making thoughtful decisions while shopping online, you might lose your money and resources. Online shoppers from the United States and several other countries have reported numerous websites that have looted their money without serving them with the products they paid for.

Currently, a new website has emerged and it has amassed enormous popularity among the online shoppers’ community. Considering the ongoing scams, users are requesting reviews about the Discount Mall. If you are among these users, here is all you must know about the Discount Mall.

Discount Mall Legit Or Scam

Image Of Discount Mall Legit Or Scam

Discount Mall is a web-based store that provides a variety of products including Tripods, hearing aids, trimmers, air compressor pumps, fans, LED lights, and many other similar products. The website has got traction for its huge discounts.

All the products displayed on the website are available at low prices. According to the URL of this website, it is based in Pakistan. It doesn’t provide any other important details like product shipment time, processing time, or any refund policy. Hence the web store seems a suspicious one.

There is no information about the website’s address, and the email address also isn’t provided. Let’s discuss some more essential details about this website.

1. Domain Age

It is essential to know whether the website is a newbie or an experienced one because the newbies are quite risky to rely on. However, we couldn’t find any details about the age of Discount Mall.

2. Contact Details

Although the website provides a contact number “0331- 3336255”, they haven’t provided email address and owner details. This again makes the websites a risky deal.

3. Trust Score

The website has also received a very low trust score. It has just amassed 24% on the trust score index so it is a highly risky site.

Discount Mall Review

Image Of Discount Mall Review

4. Customer Reviews

We couldn’t spot any customer reviews for the Discount Mall, neither on its website nor on its social media platforms.

5. Social Media Presence

Although the website has a Facebook account and a YouTube channel, both are currently inactive. There is no content available on any of its social media pages which again makes the website a suspicious one.

6. Website Content

The website content also seems to be plagiarized and we were also able to find some plagiarized images on the site.

7. HTTPS Protocol

The websites that lack HTTPS protocol is always considered suspicious. Discount Mall also lacks this security certificate hence it seems more like a suspicious website.

8. Alexa Rank

Websites that bear good Alexa rank are mostly the legitimate ones but Discount Mall has again scored low rank on Alexa. This again endangers the legitimacy of the platform.

9. Security Policy

The Discount Mall lacks much essential information like the security policy, delivery time, refunds, and delivery process. The shoppers aren’t even able to cancel their orders which isn’t a common practice of legitimate websites.

Information regarding the website’s owner and is also not available on the site which makes it a suspicious website.

10. Discounts

The cheap prices of the products seem like ways to lure the customers and the discounts do not seem real.

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Bottom Line

The overall clarity of the Discount Mall website is questionable hence users must not rely on it without doing any prior research. The legitimacy of this website is also suspicious.

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