Is Scam? Unbiased Review [August 2022] is a new website that deals in shapewear, however, buyers are reluctant to buy from this website as they are not sure whether is a scam or a legit portal. If you are among these fitness enthusiasts willing to know the legitimacy of, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about

The number of online scams has reached an alarming level. It is getting even worse as so many new websites are getting into the race on daily basis. Although online scams had remained an issue ever since the internet has become a necessity, the ration has increased followed by the Covid Pandemic when people preferred online shopping instead of traditional shopping.

To get legit products online, it is essential for users to do a legitimacy check of websites that they are relying on. Although buyers are getting sensible with each passing day, the masses are still not aware of ways to assess the legitimacy of websites.

To help all such users who have no idea how to assess online websites, we always try to come up with legit reviews of online websites. Following our tradition, we are here with the Customer reviews of the website.

To know whether or not is a legit website, let’s start with a brief introduction to this eCommerce site.

Is Scam Or Legit?

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As explained earlier is a website that aims at delivering fitness-related products. The website mainly deals in shapewear. The site claims that its products help in shedding calories.  These products are best fit for those who don’t get time for proper diet consumption.

The website further claims that their products give guaranteed results and they are most suited to individuals who don’t get time to exercise.

Well, this is what the website claims about, but are these claims true? Is this website, a scam or a legit one? To find the answer to all these questions we have assessed on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Trust Score
  • Contact Information

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail to find if the website is a legit portal or not. Reviews

Image Of Reviews

1. Domain Age:

To assess the legitimacy of a website, first, check the domain’s age. The older the domain age, the more will be credibility.

As far as the domain age of is concerned, it was registered on 13th October 2015. So, for now, it is more than 5 years old. Based on its age, the website seems to be an experienced one.

2. Customer Reviews:

We were unable to spot any reviews for on its official website. However, there are a few reviews on some other platforms that are almost negative. This is a negative point!

3. Social Media Presence

The website is available on all the major social media channels. The website has provided social media icons on the website and they are rightly connected to the social media handles which is a plus point.

4. Trust Score has amassed a trust score of 86% which is a positive point. The trust score makes the website look reliable.

5. Contact Information

The website has provided all the essential contact details on the official website. It is again a good point.

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The Bottom Line

Considering the customer reviews we found for, the website seems a risky deal. Thus we would suggest our readers not rely on without doing proper research.


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