Is Hoodieshow Scam? Unbiased Website Review [November 2022]

Hoodieshow is the latest apparel store to get the attention of online buyers but is this site a scam or legit? Is it selling quality products? We have gathered all the details for you. Here is everything you need to know about whether this website is a scam or it is selling quality products.

Online shopping is getting a lot of traction these days and it totally deserves all the hype because of the range of benefits that it offers. This way of shopping comes with a lot of benefits, from the ease of buying your desired products from the comfort of your bed to having them get delivered to your doorsteps and the easy payment processes, online shopping has several perks.

The above-stated benefits are not the only benefits that you get while shopping online. It rather offers several options that you don’t actually get while buying products from conventional markets. You get enough time and product options to compare and then buy based on their quality and prices.

Nonetheless, there also are a few drawbacks of online shopping that cannot be ignored. The first drawback that several users have reported is, encountering scam sites. Yes, if you are investing enough time while assessing the legitimacy of online stores, you may lose your money in the hands of crooks. Thus, it is crucial to check for the legitimacy of websites before making any deal with them.

Below we have provided an unbiased review for the current viral apparel store ‘Hoodieshow’. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether Hoodieshow is a legit website or a scam.

Is Hoodieshow Scam Or Legit?

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As the name suggests, Hoodieshow is an online apparel store, which has a wide variety of products. The website caters to both the fashion demands of men and women. Currently, the website is selling its winter stock and the products displayed on the site are incredible.

Some of the prominent products that we were able to spot on this site include the below:

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Shirts
  • Dresses for women

The website has a huge variety of products, in the hoodies category only, you can find more than 15 designs and the colors are numerous. It also has a separate category for kids. You can also lay your hands over the anime movie jackets from this store.

Another attractive thing about the site is they are offering upto 70% off on its entire stock. But is Hoodieshow a legit store? To find out its legitimacy we have assessed the site on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Plagiarized Content

Let’s discuss them all in detail to scrutinize the legitimacy of this site.

Hoodieshow Customer Reviews

Image Of Hoodieshow Customer Reviews

1. Domain Age

The first factor that can help you access the legitimacy of a site is online is its domain age. Note that, if a website is a newbie there are more chances of its being a scam and if it has enough experience serving customers, it can be considered a legitimate portal.

As far as the domain age of Hoodieshow is concerned, it was registered on 31st September 2018.  It means the website has remained online for more than 4 years. Its domain age aids its legitimacy.

2. Contact Details

The website has provided all the essential contact details. It again is a positive point.

3. Trust Score

The trust score for this site is 76% which is an above average score. Yet again, a green flag!

4. Customer Reviews

Though the Hoodieshow has existed online for more than 4 years, it still lacks customer reviews. It makes the website suspicious.

5. Social Media Presence

The website is not linked to any of the social media sites. It is again a negative point.

6. Plagiarized Content

The content available on the website is unique.

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The Final Thoughts

Considering all the details we have come to the verdict that this website Hoodieshow is a potential scam. So, buyers must look into some legit customer reviews for Hoodieshow before shopping with it.

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