Is Strangerwear Scam? Legitimacy Check [July 2022]

The latest online apparel store ‘Strangerwear’ is making headlines for its chic collection, but is it a scam or a legit site? We have gathered all the details about this web store, keep reading for the legitimacy check of ‘Strangerwear’.

The internet world is being bombarded with millions of online stores now. Some of these websites are legit while many others are mere scams. In such a scenario, it has become a difficult deal to differentiate legit online portals from bogus ones.

Unable to differentiate the scam and legit sites, thousands of innocent online buyers fall for scams and lose their energy and resources every day.

One way you can spot scams is to read customer reviews and check the trust score of websites on online trust score detectors. You can also differentiate scams from legit websites by observing their behavior on social media handles.

We also play our part by coming up with legit reviews. In today’s blog, we will unveil the true face of Strangerwear which is a viral apparel store based in the United States. Keep reading to get an idea about whether or not Strangerwear is a scam.

Is Strangerwear Legit?

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Before going for the legitimacy check of Strangerwear, let’s first explore what the website has to offer to its customers.

Well, as explained earlier Strangerwear is an apparel store having an array of products. From goodies to clothing and several other accessories, you will find a variety of products on this web portal.

The best-selling items on this online store are the goodies related to the famous Netflix series Stranger Things. You can buy several accessories including shirts and bags related to the famous Netflix show.

All the products displayed on the website are budget-friendly and they also have provided discounts on the majority of products. But is Strangerwear website a scam or a legit one? To answer this question, we have assessed the site on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Payment Mode
  • Customer Reviews
  • Trust Rank
  • Social media presence

Let’s get into the detail to find whether the website is a scam or a legit one.

Strangerwear Scam

Image Of Strangerwear Scam

1. Domain Age

Strangerwear was registered on 2nd May 2014. The website has served the customers for more than eight years now thus it seems to be a legit portal.

2. Payment Mode

The website allows the users to choose among various payment methods including AMEX, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, dinner club, and international cards, which is a positive sign. It also claims to have an exchange and return policy of 30 days. This is a green flag!

3. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the main tools that justify the legitimacy of an online store. Fortunately, we were able to spot some customer reviews on Strangerwear’s website. Several users have posted reviews wearing shirts and other accessories. Most of the reviews are positive and the website again seems to be a legit one.

4. Trust Rank

The trust score for the Strangerwear website is 2% which is not a good score. It is a negative point.

5. Social Media Presence

To further investigate the legitimacy of this site, we checked its social media presence. To your surprise, this website is not available on any of the social media platforms which is again a suspicious point. A website having more than 8 years of experience and no social media presence makes the site suspicious.

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The Final Verdict

After assessing all the above points, we have come to the conclusion that ‘Strangerwear’ seems a potential scam. So, online buyers must not rely on it for now.

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