Is Thrift2u Legit? An Unbiased Review [January 2022]

A new website ‘Thrift2u’ is flaunting across the internet and users are looking to get details about whether it is a legit deal or not. If you are eying on a dress advertised on the website, read this unbiased review for Thrift2u to make a wise decision.

Internet is filled with fake websites, if you are not spending enough time researching before making a purchase you might waste your energy and resources.

Especially after the surge of Covid-19, an enormous number of people have shifted to online buying. To encash this opportunity, scammers have also rolled their sleeves up and are looking for ways to loot the online buyers.

Currently, users are being attracted by a US-based online website Thrift2u and are looking for the website’s legitimacy. If you are among these people, here is all you need to know about this web store.

Is Thrift2u A Legit Website?

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Thrift2u is a popular website that deals in women’s dresses. The website is selling all these dresses at an affordable price thus a massive number of online shoppers are being attracted to it. The website further claims to sell unique dresses at affordable prices. The dresses they sell are quite attractive.

Thrift2u also claims to provide high-quality dresses that you might not be able to avail elsewhere on the prices it sells.

Well, to help you make a wise decision, we have examined the Thrift2u website in the following aspects.

  • Domain Age
  • Trust Score
  • Contact Details
  • Shipment Policy and details
  • Return and exchange policy
  • Official Address
  • Social Media Presence

Let’s discuss each of the above aspects in more detail.

Domain Age: The online web store Thrift2u was created in September 2020. This is now one year and four-month-old. Considering its domain registration age, we can consider this website as a trustworthy one.

Trust Score: The website has amassed a trust score of 80% which is quite good. Based on the trust score, we can consider the website to be a legit one.

Thrift2u Reviews

Image Of Thrift2u Reviews

Contact Details: No contact details are provided on the website nor they have provided their email address on their website. They also haven’t provided any number for customer assistance which is not a positive thing. The websites that do not provide contact details are not trustworthy.

Shipment Policy and details: The website also doesn’t contain any details regarding the shipment policy. This is again a good practice. Legit websites often provide details about when and how the products will be shipped to their customers.

Return and Exchange Policy:  The website also has not provided any return or exchange policy. Legit websites often provide all details about return and exchange so the customers can make purchases without being worried about getting scammed. Lack of important information like return, exchange, and shipment policy, makes a website hard to trust.

Official Address: The official address of Thrift2u is nowhere to be found on the website. This again creates doubt about the legitimacy of the site.

Social Media Presence: The social media icons are present on the platform and they also are connected with the social handles. However, the social accounts of Thrift2u are not working well.

Besides all the above terms, we also couldn’t find any customer reviews on Thrift2u. So, it is hard to declare Thrift2u as a legitimate website.

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The Final Verdict

This was all about whether or not Thrift2u is a legit website. Although we have provided all the essential details about the site, it’s your choice to make a purchase. But run further research before relying on the website.

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