Is Valanio Scam? An Unbiased Review [April 2022]

An online shopping site ‘Valanio’ is going viral across Canada and the United States and users are trying to figure out whether or not it is a scam. If you are among these users, here we have got you an unbiased review of the Valanio website.

The Internet is full of scam websites, thus it has now become essential for the internet users to run research before relying on any of these sites. Scammers have especially become active on the internet after the Covid Pandemic when online shopping became the most popular way of shopping.

Although you will find legit websites on the internet, there is a possibility that you will come across some crooks. To be able to save yourself from scams, it is essential to check for the legitimacy of any website before making a deal.

The latest online website to go viral across Canada and the United States is ‘Valanio’ which deals in men’s and women’s apparel. Let’s figure out whether or not Valanio is a scam.

Is Valanio A Legit Website?

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Before getting into the detail of whether or not it is a legit deal, let’s understand what the website deals in.

Valanio is an online shopping website that deals in men’s and women’s clothes. It delivers products across the globe. Some of the products that we were able to spot on this website are as follow:

  • Jackets
  • Cardigans
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters

You will also find several similar items on the Valanio website. The reason, why people are getting behind this site is, it’s reasonable prices.

So, if you are among the users inspired by its prices and want to buy some chic accessories, read this article till the end.

To assess the legitimacy of this website, we have looked into the following factors:

  • Domain age
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Trust Score
  • Owner and Contact Details
  • Company Presence

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Valanio Reviews

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1. Domain Age:

The website is registered on 15th July 2021. According to the domain creation date, it is currently eight months old. On the basis of the website’s age, we would suggest you not rely on it for now. Wait until the website completes at least a year.

2. Customer Reviews

We were able to spot some reviews on the website but all of them are positive ones. This can have two meanings, one is, it might be so good at its work, or the second possibility is it may have amassed fake reviews.

3. Social Media Presence

This website is currently present on Facebook and Instagram. They also have enough engagements on their social media handles.

4. Trust Score

As per the trust index, the website has amassed a 21% trust score which is a below-average score. Following this score, we cannot trust Valanio at all.

5. Owner and Contact Details

The website has provided all the essential details including, the owner details, email address, and the physical location of the company. According to the details, it is located in St.John Street, London, England.  We were also able to spot a phone number on the website.

6. Company Presence

The website has provided its physical address and it is located in London, England. It also provides a 30-days return policy thus, it seems a worthy deal.

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The Final Verdict

The Valanio website has several positive aspects, but the poor ranking on Alexa and the trust index makes it look like a scam. So, momentarily, do not rely on this site.

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  1. J e ne recommande aucunement ce site d’achat, N’envoient pas toute la marchandise commandée mais prennent votre argent, sans aucune possibilité de remboursement ou d’obtenir ce qui a été commandé.


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