Lock Up Tamil Movie Reviews and Ratings 2020

By reading the word Lock Up, the first film that comes to your mind can be 1989 English movie with Sylvester Stallone in the lead role. This was a thriller and drama based on a prison story.

But this article is purely about the Lock up Tamil movie Reviews from this year.

Lock up is an Indian 2020 thriller film in Tamil-language. The director is debutant filmmaker SG Charles and it was released on 14th August on Zee5 (an Indian video on demand service). The movie became yet another film to evade theatrical release and directly jumping to OTT release.

Lock Up Tamil Movie Reviews

The film is a praiseworthy effort about the investigation of a thriller case. The whole film has the ability to keep the audience engaged and possibly will never give you a chance of nitpicking.

The Times of India’s entertainment section has gone so far in highlighting its positive factor as lack of deviations from the main plot. They also mentioned about how artistically the sub-plots get connected in the latter half of the film.

SG Gill has boldly deviated from the common theme which Tamil audience generally opt to watch. Tamil cinema audience likes movies based on ‘the good vs. the bad’ theme.

His script, on the other hand, explores the grey side of two of his lead characters. Besides this, he opens up the true nature of lead characters at regular intervals with a lot of twists

 A fly in the ointment is that the director has weakly portrayed or sketched the other characters except for the lead ones. In fact, their role in the drama is very limited in scope. Some of the forced and redundant twists in the plot break the flow of the film and makes it difficult for the audience to stay connected.

The technical issue with the movie is that it has lip sync issues on certain portions. The possible cause of this the improper adaptation to the OTT platform Zee.

Story of Lock up Tamil movie

As the name of the movie hints its relation to some kind of relation to cops and their investigation. The story is about the investigation of a murder case of a police inspector, Sampath (played by Mime Gopi) and a suicide of a woman (played by Shamna). The main players of the story are sub-inspector Moorthy(played by VEnkat Prabhu) and constable Vasanth (played by Vibhav Reddy).

The plot opens with a phone call from a police commissioner, who appoints Eswari Rao to take charge of the case mentioned above. Eswari suspects that there could be a connection between the murder of the inspector and Shamna’s suicide.

As she starts investigating the case, the main characters are introduced in the story, local inspector Murthy and his subordinate Vasanth. Amazingly, the story doesn’t seem to waste any time in developing its world and introducing us to its characters.  

This is a suspense story based on police conspiracy. The desperate desire of Moorthy and Vasant’s to obtain a promotion influences them to do anything. Hence, many of the police officers in the aim of higher rank can stoop to any level.

They even don’t care how dirty things get in the process. ‘It’s tough to differentiate between a good and bad cop’ — a dialogue from the film. As the story also depicts fabricated evidence and indirect involvement of some copes in the main case under investigation. The main theme of the film is how police conspiracy affects common people who are helpless and voiceless.

Lock Up Tamil movie Ratings

The rating by Times of India is 3/5 which is a good rating for a movie. The IMBD has rated it at 6.5/10. The rating from the IMBD is just based on 11 votes which shows very few reviews.

Ending Remarks

The lower rating may be because of a smaller audience as Tamil is not the official language of India. The other reason may be because it has released recently and many of the people are still in the queue to watch it.

Please tell us about your review if you have watched the movie or are planning to watch it in the comment section of this page. Never forget to comment about this review as well.

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