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Nimra Ahmed has just rolled a new novel “Main Anmol” for her fans. Yes, you heard it right. If you were waiting for this masterpiece then the wait is over. You can now get Main Anmol in hard form or you can even read it online and that for free. If you want to read this novel, while laying in your cozy bed, then you are on the most related space. Keep reading and we will tell you a brief summary of this novel.

Nimra Ahmed is a young Pakistani novelist who has amassed massive popularity in the world of Urdu digests. At a very young age of 21, she is author to almost 51 novels.

Initially, when she made her debut, most of the people associated her with the famous Pakistani author Umera Ahmed who is the incredible author of famous Urdu Novels, Pir-e-Kamil, Man-o-Salwa, Aab-e-Hayat, Shehr e Zaat, La Hasil and many more.

Having similar surnames both these authors were considered as sisters, but in reality they are not. Another reason they are being associated with one another are the similarities between their way of expression and their resembling thoughts.

At a very young age of 21, Nimra Ahmed, also known as nemrah niazi has looted all the spotlight from world of Urdu digests. She is currently the most popular, most discussed and youngest controversial young novelist.

Main Anmol By Nimra Ahmed

Her writing career started when her novel was published in Khawateen Digest. Readers were amazed at her writing skills and most of them were enthusiastic about her relation with the author of Pir-e-Kamil, Umera Ahmed.

With the passage of time, she started publishing more of her stories that mainly revolved around Islam. She comes up with new ideas every time so readers always remain enthusiastic about her Novels. Among all her novels, Jannat k Patty has broken all boundaries of popularity among the Urdu Novel fans. It was loved by all her Pakistani and international fans.

Currently, she has come up with her new novel, Main Anmol. Like all previous novels, this novel also is a master piece. You can easily download it in PDF format, but you have to put a little effort.

Main Anmol By Nimra Ahmed Pdf Download

The latest novel by Nimra Ahmad “Main Anmol” is now available for users to download in PDF format and that for free. If you have not read this novel till now, then we would suggest you to read it once.

As we have noticed in her previous writings, Nimra mostly tells about the difficulties that might not be faced by most of them. While on the other hand she also has written about the luxuries of life, that most of her readers do not possess.

In this new Novel also, she has talked about her life and the struggles she has done. There is a lot to learn from this novel. Nimra is just a magician with pen in her hands. Her writings including “Pareeshay”, “Karakuram Ka Taj Mehal” , “Mehmil” “Musha’f,” are being cherished by her fans. She also has written about political unrest of Pakistan and it seems to be an incredible achievement.

Main Anmol Novel Story

The new novel of Nimra Ahmed “Main Anmol” revolves around her life. It is the first novel that covers her struggles, which she has faced at a very young age. She has also written about the strong bond between her and Allah. In the book she claims that, this novel will firstly connect you with Allah and then it will connect you with your soul. She further adds that this book will be a source of guidance for its readers.

She has also divided the chapters according to number of days. A reader should finish this book in 23 days and she also has mentioned that which chapter should be read at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day and the count goes on till 23rd day. It will be really easy to read and comprehend. If you want to order this book online, then you can reach Nimra Ahmad’s official Facebook and Instagram page.

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Final words

This was all about the finest Urdu writer Nimra Ahmed and her new book Main Anmol. Hope the article has provided you enough information about this soulful book.

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