Margatti Fashion Scam Or Legit? Unbiased Review

As the fashion game is getting stronger, users are coming across a variety of online platforms, and this time online shoppers are looking to know if Margatti Fashion is a legit site or a scam. If you are eyeing making a purchase from this online platform, you must read this unbiased review first. At the end of this review, you will be able to understand whether Margatti Fashion is a legit or a scam site.

As the technological world is evolving at a rapid pace, users are coming across a variety of new options to shop from. From mobile apps to online websites and stores, users have access to plenty of options to choose from. However, with all these advantages, the technology has also brought forward a variety of challenges. For example, as the number of online shoppers has increased, it has become much easier for online scammers to loot innocent online users. There are many instances where users have lost all their money by making a deal with a scam site. Some websites send copies and counterfeit products while there are some that don’t even bother sending items that the shoppers have paid for.

There also are instances where innocent online shoppers have lost their credentials in the hands of crooks. To overcome such situations, it has become really important for online shoppers to understand the vulnerabilities attached to the online shopping world. To help users make legit deals, we always try our best to come up with legit website reviews. Here we have gathered all the details about whether Margatti Fashion is a legit site or a scam.

Is Margatti Fashion A Scam?

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Before getting into the depth of whether Margatti Fashion is a scam site or a legit one, let us tell you what it actually deals with. Well, as the name suggests, the Margatti Fashion site is an online store that deals in Indian wear. From ethnic Indian dresses to beautiful shalwar suits, you will find a variety of girl products on this site.

What is attracting the users is the affordable price of this store. Some of the beautiful products that we were able to spot on this site include Dark Red Shalwar Suit, Dark Blue Trending Shalwar Suit, Gulabi Mix Shalwar Suit, and more. So, if you are someone who loves wearing ethnic dresses this site is for you. But is this site legit? Let us get into the details of whether Margatti Fashion is a legit site or a scam.

Is Margatti Fashion Legit?

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To assess the legitimacy of this site, we have assessed it based on some key factors which include:

  • Website Creation Date
  • Trust Index
  • Social Media Presence
  • Malware Score
  • Missing Information on the Site
  • Margatti Fashion Customer Reviews
  • Phishing Score

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Website Creation Date

As per the available information, this site is registered on 20th December 2023. It means the website is not even a month old. Based on its age, we cannot conclude whether it is a legit site or a scam. It can only be determined once the website matures a little more. For now, it seems a risky deal.

Trust Index

The website has earned a trust index score of 2.6% which is obvious for a new site. However, we can’t term it as a legit one as of now.

Social Media Presence

As the site is new, there are not many followers on the Facebook page of this site. However, it is available on Facebook with 7 followers.

Malware Score

We were able to find a malware score of 91 percent on this site.

Missing Information on the Site

The website lacks details such as contact number and business address which makes the site look unprofessional.

Margatti Fashion Customer Reviews

There were no customer reviews found for Margatti Fashion.

Phishing Score

The phishing score that this site has received is 81 percent.

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The Bottom Line

Based on the available information, the website ‘Margatti Fashion” doesn’t seem a worthy deal. We would suggest the buyers be attentive while making a deal.

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