Monaqi — Is It A Scam? [Updated April 2021]

A new product known as “Monaqi” is making rounds on various social media platforms. It claims to help the users in burning their stubborn fat, getting rid of cellulite, tightening their skin, and reducing wrinkles efficiently at the comfort of their homes. But does it really work? Here is all you should know about this product.

With rapidly changing lifestyles, people in today’s world are encountering biggest health problems like obesity. Currently, more than one-third of adults in US are obese and almost 2.8 million people die every year as a result of obesity.

Considering these problems there are so many products in the market that claim to help people in getting rid of their extra fat and cellulite. Among those, some are really helpful in this cause while rest of all are just ways to earn money.

Currently, a new product named “Monaqi” has created hype among social media users. Some people have already ordered the product while many others are probing to know if it really works. To all those readers who are snooping for the legitimacy of Monaqi, here is an unbiased review.

What Is Monaqi

Image Of What Is Monaqi

Monaqi is a multi-purpose slimming device that claims to help lessen the body fat, tighten the skin and remove the cellulite from body. It also claims to remove wrinkles from all over your body. It comes with Monaqi Slimming oil and the Monaqi Massager. According to the website, one should use this product twice in a week to get better results.

The product also has a lot of reviews on its official websites but most of them seem suspicious. The Facebook page for this product was being created on 30th September 2020. While its Instagram account is functional since 13th April 2020. The website further claims that it has delivered the product to more than 20K users but it sounds massive for a new product.

Though the Instagram page of this product has more than 4.5K followers still none of the posts have got a hundred likes. The Insta and Facebook page was last updated in November 2020. In one of the Instagram comments, we found a user saying “This product is a scam.”

Monaqi Review

For writing this Monaqi Review, we went through plenty of sites and read each of the feedback comments and website reviews carefully. The product is also being used by some famous stars including Jazz Anderson. She has shared the product review in one of her Instagram stories but it looked more like a marketing tactic.

While going through the website testimonials we felt the product testimonials to be suspicious. Also, we weren’t able to spot any of the customer’s reviews on the internet, which is a negative sign. There also is no detail about the date and time of product’s arrival.

Is Monaqi A Scam?

Image Of Is Monaqi A Scam

The products claims to give 90 days money back guarantee that sounds unrealistic. Another suspicious thing about this product is that, it isn’t available on any of the E-commerce stores. People have also shared their concerns regarding the shipment of the product.

Though the website claims to ship the product worldwide on the other hand they can be seen apologizing to the customers for not being able to ship the product to some specific countries.

The contact details are also hidden from the website and the trust index has merely shown 3%. This is again a negative sign. The only information we were able to find on the website was the company’s address and their email address.

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Bottom Line

After doing a profound research on the internet we have come to the conclusion that the product is recently being launched. The social media presence also isn’t quite impressive and the website doesn’t seem to be trustworthy due to lack of customer reviews. So we would not suggest this product to anyone because it has a low trust score.

1 thought on “Monaqi — Is It A Scam? [Updated April 2021]”

  1. Monaqi pitched a game changing product – who doesn’t want to spot treat problem areas from the comfort of their home?

    I recently ordered their massager and slimming oil, but the product never made it to me. No problem, I thought. I’ll reach out and see what my options were.

    Here are the options that Monaqi offers.

    1.) 50% refund and absolutely no product (which means I pay roughly $85 for no product)
    2.)or replacement of just the massager, which will not work without the oil.

    I would still have paid the full $170, but would not get the oil that I would need to fully replace the order that I never received.

    Their customer service is centered on their bottom line than on creating a positive customer experience. Regardless of if the product works or not, the company does not care about the customer experience.

    I have not received a refund of any kind or any replacement.


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