Sir Ares Good Night Full Novel Story by Yan An

Sir Ares Good Night is a novel story of revenge. When you give all and the other person does not appreciate despite your all efforts. This gives you all the rights to play your own game. When you go away from them, soon they will realize what precious belonging they have lost.

The story written by Yan An tells us about a woman who shocks her ungrateful husband with her departing act. As soon as he wakes up from a good night, he finds his vanity and pride of power washed away.

Read the full novel story or get the novel PDF for this tale. An immersive read awaits your exploration.

Sir Ares Good Night

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Unrequited love. When you give your all heart out and it is taken for granted. You can feel the heartache, churning down the chest walls, yet you persevere. Persevere in the hope that may maybe one day, the other person will understand.

What even if despite all the attempts from your side, they are not ready to accept you, the same way you do? Is it worth sticking to them? No matter what the heart tells you not to, you must part ways for your own good.

If they feel they have lost someone special, they will come begging for your companionship. If silence is the message, then they never needed you ever. It is time to move on.

Sir Ares Good Night Novel

The story begins with the man asking the female protagonist to get a divorce. “If you want money, work, or even the best doctor for your mother, I can help you.” But, “Let’s get divorce.” These are the words coming out of his mouth attached to an arrogant heart.

She married him when his fiancée escaped. To avoid the shame and the breakout of the news in the media, she was arranged in urgency to marry him. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for her. She wanted him and fate had played the strings so well.

At the eleventh hour, when she thought, she has lost him for good, his handheld hers. But this is just one side of the story in the novel. For the man, on the other hand, it was a bargain. He thought this girl has married him for money, the temptation of wealth, a girl couldn’t resist.

Sir Ares Good Night By Yan An

With his unlimited wealth, any girl would be ready to be his bride, what could be special about her. Thus she never got the treatment she deserved in a just world. When she was asked to forsake the legal relationship in exchange for material gains, which was a shock.

“I have not married you for money.” These were the words coming out of her mouth, carrying the fair load of anguish. For this arrogant man, whose heart is shielded by vanity, purity of emotions and their worth are equally nonexistent.

Whether she wants it or not he wants her to get out of his life. For him, it is time to end this one year long, odd, unnecessary relationship. Whether she wants the compensation or not, it is time for her to sign the divorce agreements.

Sir Ares Good Night Novel PDF

On the other hand, his determination is facing the stubbornness of her heart. An adamant soul, that is not ready to give up so easily. She has a plan. Such is the deepness of her love for him that she cannot think of leaving him forever.

The female protagonist informs her husband that she does not need money, property, or bank balance. All she wants is a child with him, only then she will sign the divorce papers. She drugs him that night and gets the seed for her child.

Sir Ares Novel

In the morning when the man gets up, he finds a piece of paper on the bedside with a bank card. “The money in the bank card is the last night’s remuneration. From now, you and I will not owe each other anything. Goodbye!”

The humbled girl who gave up on her skills and spirits for this man was taken for granted by him. When she saw, there was no possibility of getting the attention she deserved, she played her final cards really well. The arrogant and self-centered man can only grit his teeth.

Sir Ares Good Night Story

His pride was washed down the drain just in a matter of a night. His feelings were hurt, he was bought by the very woman whom he thought is a replaceable item. Whatever he thought of her, now he could see all that in himself by standing in front of the mirror. He was the merchandise.

The women disappeared from his life leaving no trace behind. He wants her now. Only inflicting the punishment can drench his wounds to recovery. “Pray I don’t catch you when I do…” he could only utter these words and vent his anger.

Sir Ares Good Night Full Novel

What is the next plan of the girl? The man she has angered is not an ordinary person. With his power and wealth, he can find her sooner or later. Nonetheless, he doesn’t know about the girl. According to him, she is just an ordinary woman. Is she?

What will he do to her? What will he do to that child? How is his life going to change after this accident? Where is the female protagonist? To find this all out you will have to give this novel a full read.

To read the full novel story or PDF option you have come to the right place. You can read the novel written by Yan An for free, this includes all the chapters, from starting to final.

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