Sofobw Reviews — Is Sofobw Legit Or Scam?

The new furniture store ‘Sofobw’ has got the attention of the online shoppers and they are looking for its reviews to decide on whether or not to buy from this online store. If you are among the users looking for reviews of Sofobw, we have got you covered. Here in this article, you will find all the details essential to reveal the legitimacy of this site.

Installing new furniture at home is a heck of trouble. From deciding on a color to design and prices, purchasing furniture is a difficult deal. But what if you receive your desired furniture online? And that too with the benefit of getting directly delivered to your home? Well, this option is something that nobody will afford to reject. Quite similar is the case of Sofobw, where people are finding their desired furniture at their desired prices.

The website is based in the United States but people from Canada, the UK, and the rest of the parts of the world are getting attracted to it. However, the majority of users are suspicious about the legitimacy of the Sofobw store, thus they are looking for its reviews. To help all such users we have crafted this article that reveals everything about this popular website.

Is Sofobw A Legit Website?

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Before digging into whether or not this website is a legitimate one, let’s get an idea about what the store deals in.

Sofobw is an online portal that deals in a wide variety of furniture. Some of the major products that we were able to spot on the website include:

  • Patio furniture sets
  • Patio conversation sets
  • Sectionals
  • Patio bar dining sets
  • Patio dining sets
  • Patio Bistro sets

The website is providing all the above products at discounted prices. You would be amazed to know that Sofobw is offering all its furniture at a 50% discount.

To get an idea about whether Sofobw is a scam site or not, we have assessed the site on the following factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Keep reading to get a detailed explanation of all the above factors.

Sofobw Customer Reviews

Image Of Sofobw Customer Reviews

Number One: Domain Age

One of the crucial factors that help us understand the legitimacy of a website is the site’s domain. The domain of Sofobw is registered on 13th September 2021. Further, the domain is all set to get expire on 13th September 2022.

So, the website is currently eight months old. We often suggest our readers not to rely on inexperienced websites as there are more chances of them being bogus sites. Based on the age of Sofobw, we would suggest that the shoppers must wait for the website to turn at least one year of age.

Number Two: Contact Details

We were unable to spot a contact number on the site. But it has provided an email id for the users. The website also lacks information about its physical address thus; it doesn’t seem to be a legitimate one.

Number Three: Trust Score

The website has hardly boasted a trust score of 10%, which is a poor score. Based on the trust score it has earned, we cannot declare Sofobw as a legit site.

Number Four: Social Media Presence

The website possesses no social media icons and it also is not available on any of the social media platforms. This is a big red flag!

Number Five: Customer Reviews

Although it has been 7 months since the website was anticipated, there still isn’t a single customer review on the website. This is again a negative point.

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The Last Words

Based on the above information, we have come to the verdict that ‘Sofobw’ is a possible scam site. Shoppers must not rely on it.

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