Viking Pride Jewelry Reviews — An Unbiased Review [May 2022]

Norse Mythology enthusiasts are looking for the reviews of Viking Pride Jewelry and here we have come up with the details. If you are among such Norse Mythology enthusiasts, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

The number of online websites is increasing at a rapid level and so is the number of scam sites. Thus, it has now become essential for internet users to look for the legitimacy of websites before relying on any of them. Scammers have especially become active on the internet after the Covid Pandemic when online shopping became the most popular way of shopping.

Although you also will find legit websites on the internet, there is a possibility that you will come across some crooks. To be able to save yourself from scams, it is essential to check for the legitimacy of any website before making a deal.

The latest online website to go viral on the website is ‘Viking Pride Jewelry’ which deals in Viking-inspired jewelry and accessories. Here is whether Viking Pride Jewelry is a legit site or not. Here we will also help you find some Viking Pride Jewelry reviews.

Is Viking Pride Jewelry A Scam?

Image Of Is Viking Pride Jewelry A Scam

Before getting into the depth of whether or not Viking Pride is a scam, let’s get an overview of the Viking Pride Jewelry site.

Viking Pride Jewelry is a viral online site that deals in Viking Inspired jewelry and accessories. They also have a vast collection of g Celtic.

Some of the prominent accessories we were able to spot on the website include:

  • Viking Jewelry
  • Vikings Rings
  • Bracelets and Arm Rings
  • Viking Necklaces
  • Beard Jewelry
  • Thor’s Hammer Necklaces
  • Wolf Necklaces
  • Celtic Knot Necklaces
  • Irish Necklaces
  • Drinking Horns
  • Watches
  • Phone Cases
  • Celtic Necklaces
  • Thor’s Hammer Necklaces
  • Drinking Mugs

Although the website has a wide variety of accessories, to access its legitimacy of the website we have judged the site on the following factors:

  • Domain age
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Trust Index Rank
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Presence
  • Company Address

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Viking Pride Jewelry Customer Reviews

Image Of Viking Pride Jewelry Customer Reviews

Number One: Domain Age

The domain of Viking Pride Jewelry is registered on 20th September 2018. Considering the registration date, the website seems to be quite an experienced one. Also, scam websites do not last long and here Viking Pride Jewelry is serving its customers for more than 3 years.

Number Two: Trust Score

The website’s score is not available. We were unable to check for its legitimacy on any spam score detector. However, on Alexa, the website has garnered a trust score of 45%.

Number Three: Customer Reviews

For online buyers, the most efficient tool to measure a website’s legitimacy is ‘the website’s customer reviews.  Based on the reviews given by previous purchasers, users make decisions about whether or not to make a purchase.

We were able to spot some customer reviews on the website and most of them are positive. The website has garnered the majority of 5 stars.

Number Four: Website Content

The website content of Blanket seems to be original and unique.

Number Five: Social Media Presence

The website is available on almost all social sites and is quite popular everywhere. The Pinterest handle of this site has a follower count of 13.2K followers.

Number Six: Company Address

The website is based in Nairobi Kenya.

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Bottom Line

Based on the information and reviews for Viking Pride Jewelry, the site seems to be a legit one.

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