Voila Cartoon App – Here’s How To Get It

The new photo editing application “Voila Cartoon App” is doing rounds on various social media platforms. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, here’s what you have missed so far.

Play store is filled with photo editing applications; some of them are so viral while others are not known among the users. In some recent months, applications like FaceApp were quite popular among users. These applications enabled users to travel into their future and past, hence they became quite popular.

Following the viral FaceApp, users are now obsessed with Voila Cartoon App that claims to turn your pictures into art pieces. This new application is blend of all famous filters from Snapchat and TikTok. Let’s find out more about this trendy photo editing app.

What Is Voila Cartoon App

Voilà AI Artist, also famous among users as Voila Cartoon App is a new photo-editing application. The application can convert an ordinary image to Funny Cartoon’s face, create a Renaissance Painting out of it, and paint you as an eighteenth-century painting.

However, the demo version of this application hasn’t so many features. Users can purchase the pro version to have their hands over multiple features. Following are the signature features of Voila Cartoon App:

  • It can paint you as 5th century, 18th century and 20th century paintings.
  • You can turn your ordinary images into a 3D cartoon out of animated movies.
  • Users can get their baby cartoon version using this application.
  • You can also draw your pictures as hilarious caricature

This photo editing application is created by a team of creative and technology enthusiasts. This is the first product created by WEmagine.ai (managed by two founders).

How To Download Voila Cartoon App

Downloading the application is quite simple. It is available on play store and you can simply download it by searching “Voilà AI Artist” in the search bar. Once you get the app, tap on the download button and install it later. Following this, launch the application and provide your sign in details. Register with the application and start editing your photos.

Initially, you can use the free version of the app that has limited features. You can purchase the pro version if you want to add more magic to your photos. To know more about this application and its features, you can follow its social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

How To Get Cartoon Face Filter Using Voila App

Though the application has earned 4.5 stars on the reviews chart but some users have recently complained about its poor performance. Majority of the users have complained that it stops working mostly on the loading bar. Here are some of the reviews for your guidance.

“Subscibed the pro version but then can’t use the app since it constantly saying “our servers are currently at full capacity bla bla bla” so annoying and what a waste of money! You should’ve prepared better and anticipated the things you’ve been using as excuses. The subscription also very expensive considering the bad service you have, hope you can fix all the issues ASAP”

While replying to some of the negative reviews, App creators have stated that the inconvenience is because of the new surge of users. They further added they have reached their maximum capacity so the users face errors like Server error” or “Couldn’t be Processed”. App developers have suggested the users update the application to its newest version to get rid of such issues.

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Last Words

The Voila Cartoon App is an amazing application but it needs to work on lots of bug fixes. Hopefully, the app developers will look into the issues and upgrade the app’s performance.

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