Anom App — Anom App & Its Usage Explained

Anom App enables Law enforcement agencies to track communications by criminals, resulting in the arrest of most wanted criminals. Are you curious to know about how this application works? Let’s discover together.

A secret operation organized by Australian police using a spy application has helped them reach the most wanted criminals. On Tuesday morning, APF reported arresting 224 people with more arrests expected in upcoming days. New Zealand, United States, and Europe also carried similar raids. This mass operation is titled as “Operation Ironside” in Australia.

The Anom app became popular among the underworld criminals as drug linchpins like Hakan Ayik promoted it. This application was initially distributed among them by police informants.

As it became popular, some of the most sinister criminals started using this application almost three years ago, without realizing that Federal Police was using this platform to track their communication.

What Is Anom App

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It is an encrypted application run by law enforcement agencies. The application was sold in the black market and the only people who could get access to it were referred by any existing criminal user or anyone working for the law enforcement agencies.

The platform can perform some limited functions like, sending a message, distorting voices, and taking videos. The app was preloaded in the handsets and it was kept beside a secret calculator icon. As reported by News Corp, the subscription packages and handset price costs between AU$1500 and AU$2500. While signing up on the application, customers don’t necessarily have to provide their real name.

Furthermore, the application works after entering a pin into the calculator. Some other features that it provides include end-to-end encryption, self-expiring messages and it also had a “duress pin” which when entered can wipe off all the information available on the device.

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How To Use Anom App

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Criminals used the application without knowing that police could see their messages. On the flip side, law enforcement agencies were storing these criminal messages on their own servers. Police also have the authority to undistort voice messages sent with ANOM.

However, the police had access to all their messages, but the only barrier was, they were not able to figure out who was sending the message. Because the criminals didn’t use their real name to sign up.

While talking to News Corp a senior police officer explained the whole operation. He said, “The time it took to attribute devices could sometimes become quite deflating. Especially when you knew how significant they were. Some attributions could take hours, some days and some weeks…even months,”

At some times, police officers had to stalk certain places mentioned in the messages to check who was appearing. So, it was quite difficult to match the users. Generally, the whole operation required digital detective skills.

While talking about the operation spokesperson for Australian Federal Police further added, “These clues, coupled and compared with other sources of information, enable us to put a person to each device. Establishing the identity of the users is crucial to disrupting the criminal activity they facilitate using the devices,”

In response to this operation, Australian police have foiled 21 murder plots and exposed the trafficking of billions of dollars worth of drugs into Australia. Similar to this, New Zealand police have arrested 35 people in response to 37 search warrants. According to Law enforcement agencies, more search warrants will execute in the coming days.

Concluding Remarks

This was all about the Anom app and the recent operation “Operation Ironside” held in Australia using it. Hopefully, the article has provided you all the required details.

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