Windows Update Error 80072efe — Here’s A Quick Fix

Windows Vista and 7 users all around the world are facing Windows Update Error 80072efe. Are you among those users? Yes? Well, worry less because we will help you to fix this error. Keep reading and get to know about all the available fixes for this annoying error.

Windows Update Error 80072efe prompts when there are issues with the internet connection. The internet connection at user’s side or on the side of Windows server can cause this annoying error. As we don’t have access to the servers, we will suggest you certain ways that can help to fix this error at client’s side.

Primarily, this is a Windows Vista and Windows 7 related error but it also occurs on Windows 10. Some users have suggested that the error occurs due to malware that belongs to the rootkit family. If you follow the error related information then you can conclude that the error is related to internet connection.

What Is Windows Update Error 80072efe

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Windows Update Error 80072efe is a Windows Vista, 7 and 10 error that mainly causes because of poor internet. The error pops up with the following message, “Connection to the server was disconnected” and have the code:


Considering the above error message, we can conclude that the error is occurring due to a crumbling line or a cable interruption. There might be chances that the error is popping up due to malicious rootkit malware that mainly interrupts the internet connection.

Another reason behind this error might be any 3rd party firewalls or anti-virus suites that are overly protective when overseeing your data exchanges. Further, corrupted Windows files can also trigger this error.

To get this error fixed, it is necessary to know whether the error is at client’s side or at server’s side. To figure it out we would suggest you to troubleshoot your internet, if the error is related to your connection then it will get fixed after refreshing your connection. If it still prevails read the following troubleshooting steps to get rid of this fatal error.

How To Fix Windows Update Error 80072efe

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Here are some workable fixes that can help you fix this error,

Firstly, wait for the problem to get fixed as it might be a problem related to Microsoft servers, if it is the case then you should wait for 7 minutes. If the error still prevails, follow the proceeding hacks.

The problem may occur due to poor internet connection you can fix it by rebooting your router and PC. You should also try to fix this issue by running troubleshooting for the network adapter and update center.

The third method to get rid of this error is to disable third-party antivirus and firewall. You should also look for updates. Also use an anti-virus scanner to get rid of any malicious malware.

The problem may occur due to any program or extension in the VPN / Proxy browser. If it is the case, then we would suggest you to disconnect or uninstall all these extensions for a while.

Sometimes, the error might trouble you because of unstable DNS. Most of the times local DNS providers give unstable DNS that can cause such errors. To get rid of this, change your DNS address and reset Winsock, TCP / IP, DNS.

The Windows Update Error 80072efe may occur due to the Catroot2 Folder because these files contain signature for Windows updates. If these files are damaged then you can face this fatal error. So we would suggest you to delete these files.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the fatal Windows Update Error 80072efe. Hope the fixes provided in this article will help you to fix this error permanently.

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