123 LGB Meaning – What Does It Mean?

While talking about the release of an Eras tour movie Taylor Swift referred to the phrase 123 LGB and now fans are looking to know its meaning. If you are among these people curious to know the meaning of 123 LGB, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the meaning of the viral phrase 123 LGB.

The devoted fans of Taylor Swift have been thrilled ever since the singer confirmed the exciting news about her upcoming Eras tour movie. This revelation has brought immense joy to her followers as it promises them the opportunity to not just watch but actively participate in her phenomenal tour experience.

In a bid to make the viewing experience even more engaging, Taylor Swift herself has encouraged her fans to fully immerse themselves in the occasion. She urged them to dress up, share friendship bracelets, and essentially become an integral part of the entire experience.

Unsurprisingly, this announcement has already sparked a wave of excitement and commotion on various social media platforms, with Swifties expressing their enthusiasm and anticipation for what promises to be an unforgettable musical journey with their beloved artist.

Amid this situation, fans are also looking to know the meaning of 123 LGB that the singer referred to in her latest talk. To help all the Swifties find the meaning of LGB, we have gathered all the details about it.

What Does 123 LGB Mean?

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“123 LGB” is an abbreviation for “123 Let’s go b***h.” This expression originated from a fan during Taylor Swift’s performance of “Delicate” at her Reputation Stadium Tour. The video of this moment quickly became an online sensation as people shared their reactions to it.

Taylor Swift herself caught wind of the trend and decided to join in on the fun. Now, whenever she sings the lyrics “We can’t make any promises now, can we babe, but you can make me a drink…,” her fans enthusiastically follow it by exclaiming “123 Let’s go b***h.”

Taylor, well aware of her fandom’s penchant for this phrase, didn’t hesitate to incorporate it into her announcement for the release of her concert movie.

Ever since the singer has used this term, it is making rounds on all social media platforms. Many of the users have even started using it in their daily conversations. Even though some are not even aware of its actual meaning.

123 LGB Meaning Explained

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On August 31, the singer announced that the movie would see its release in North America. As of now, it remains uncertain whether the movie will also be made available in other countries or on a streaming platform.

In the meantime, fans have the opportunity to secure their tickets, as they are currently available for purchase from AMC theatres, Regal, Cinemark, and Fandago.

Mark your calendars, as the movie is all set to premiere on October 13.

If you’re eagerly anticipating the Eras Tour movie, you’ll be happy to discover that Taylor Swift has two additional documentaries currently accessible for viewing on Netflix.

Swift’s devoted fans, known as Swifties, can indulge in “Miss Americana” and “Taylor Swift Reputation Tour” on the streaming platform.

Taylor Swift is famous for being a prolific songwriter and singer, and her music often features lyrics that reflect contemporary language and expressions. However, it is very rare for her to use slang terms in her interviews and on her social media platforms. “Swifties,” most often create their own fandom-specific slang and acronyms that she may occasionally reference or engage with on social media.

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