2078 Aging Filter On TikTok — Here’s How To Get It

Have you ever imagined how would you look like in 2078? No? 2078 Aging Filter On TikTok will let you see your future. Here is how to get the filter and travel into the future.

Besides being popular for trends and challenges, TikTok is also famous for its unending chain of filters and effects. Since its launch, we have seen hundreds of effects and filters being rolled on the platform that has helped the users prettify their snippets.

With each passing day, TikTok rolls a new filter and users get obsessed with it. Recently, some transformation filters have stormed the internet that enabled the users to travel into the past and future. Some filters helped the users look back into their childhood while another popular filter enabled them to witness their future.

Following these viral transformation filters, it has become an exciting trend for users to see how they will look a few years down the line. If you haven’t hopped into this trend yet, here we are going to introduce you to a new filter. Stay Tuned!

What Is 2078 Aging Filter On TikTok

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2078 Aging Filter is the latest aging filter from TikTok. Once applied, it sprinkles some wrinkles on your face and adds some hair to make you look old. This popular filter helps you witness your face ahead of several decades.

After being used by some popular TikTok content creators, this filter has made its place on the list of most popular filters of TikTok. As the filter is making rounds on the foryou page, users have started a whole new trend-based 2078 Aging Filter. Thousands of users have already tried the filter hence the hashtag #agechallenge has garnered over 1.9 billion views which is quite massive.

The reason behind the popularity of this filter is the realistic look that it gives to the pictures. The filter shows the aging process quite slowly and the progress looks so realistic. Also, the brainy heads of TikTok have used the effect in several ways. Some have used this filter to come up with funny content while others have simply shown their look decades ahead of reaching it.

If you are looking to try the filter but are running out of ideas, simply type agechallenge in the search bar and take some inspiration from the videos rolled by other users.

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How To Get The 2078 Aging Filter On TikTok

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Once you have come up with a unique idea, here is how to access the filter and create an eye-catching snippet.

To get the effect, firstly make sure that your TikTok account is updated to its latest version. If you are using an older version, you might not be able to spot this filter. To have all the updated effects and features you must make sure to keep your app updated. Once you have updated your app, follow the below steps.

Firstly, launch your TikTok app and tap on the record button. Next, head towards the “Effects Gallery” and scroll across it until you reach the ‘Magic’ tab.

Tap on the magic tab and scroll through all the filters until you get the 2078 Aging Filter having a yellow smiley as the filter icon. Once you get the filter, tap on try it, and record the video.

Once you are done recording, add background music and you are all set to roll the video. Lastly, don’t forget to add the hashtag #agechallenge for maximum reach.


The signature track for the #agechallenge is Ping Pong (Hardwell Remix) by Armin van Burren, don’t forget to add it in the end. After rolling the filter on TikTok, you can share the video in the below comment box for maximum reach.

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