Blue Line Filter TikTok: An Amazing Filter for Users

As the social media applications are advancing with the latest updates and new features, how come TikTok can stay behind in this race. You will notice lots of changes in the TikTok app after its launch back in 2017. This article is based on the newly added filter, which is known as Blue Line Filter TikTok.

As we know, TikTok is one of the most favorite platforms for entertainment content. it is mainly used by the young generation that it has more than 800 million users all over the world. Users are allowed to post videos of size fifteen seconds to one minute on TikTok.

The use of filters has become common on TikTok and other social media applications like Instagram, Snap Chat, and Facebook. Now here we will discuss in detail about blue line filter, which is talk of the town among the TikTok users.

What is Blue Line Filter TikTok?

There is no doubt that filters play a main role in the social media application. People add filters on the videos before posting them to achieve whatever purpose they want. Filters boost confidence while posting videos and pictures on social media because it adds glamour to the content. Each filter is a combination of different effects that enhances the videos easily and quickly before posting.

Currently, there is a new filter introduced by TikTok which assists TikTok users to wrap the moments on their videos. Yes, it is possible now and this filter has this particular function.

When you apply this new filter on your video, a blue line comes down from the top and wraps the moments you want it to do.

Well, many people had posted videos using this filter and it has more than 500 million views so far. After applying this filter to videos, the results are something hilarious and mind-blowing to see.

How to Get Blue Line Filter on TikTok?

Maybe many people don’t know how to get this filter on TikTok. you don’t have to worry, because here we are going to reveal the method for you. To get this new filter on TikTok, you have to follow the below-given step by step procedure.

First of all, open the TikTok app on your device.

Click on “Discover” which is provided in the bottom bar.

Then, in the search bar type “Blue Line Filter”.

Click on the video which has already used this new filter.

In that video, above the user name, there will be ‘Blue Line Filter’ in writing.

Click on that and add to favorites.

And then use it on your video.

The TikTokers who had already used this filter are joyful with the result they got on their videos. Not only that, the viewers of the videos with this particular filter are in awe to see such videos. After reading the comments section on the videos you will realize their excitement.


I literally turned myself into a cigarette, if this flops, idk what to do 🤷🏼”â™‚️ #timewarpscan #O2BublDance

♬ Smile (Simlish Version) – Lily Allen

If you are an active TikTok user then what are you waiting for, follow the above-provided step by step process to use the filter. Make a video and upload it on your profile and see what reactions your followers give to your post. Even, you can teach others to use this amazing filter on TikTok videos.

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The use of TikTok and other social media applications has become a daily routine for most people. Anyone can add filters of their own choice on their videos before posting them to achieve whatever result they want. The blue line filter is a new addition to TikTok filters. It helps users to freeze the moments on their videos and the result is astonishing for the viewers.

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