Butter Boards The Viral Food Recipe On TikTok – Explained

The latest food recipe to go viral on the video-sharing app TikTok is the ‘Butter Boards’ and the users are drooling over it. The recipe has gone viral across several social media platforms and here we have broken down everything about it. Keep reading to know what the butter boards are all about and how the viral recipe made it to the video-sharing app.

It is no surprise for food recipes to go viral on social media. TikTok especially has a huge fan base of food recipes and there are thousands of content creators who are creating food-related content.

Several boards like cheese, charcuterie, dessert, and breakfast boards have gone viral on TikTok in past also. However, it is now the turn of the Butter Boards to make the customers drool.

It is a surprise for the majority of TikTok users as bread and butter have been a staple for people from across the globe for several years. This combination surely satisfies one’s appetite and is healthy too.

After the butter boards have gone viral on TikTok, users have come to know how  food boards are convenient when you are sharing them with your family and friends.

Why Is Butter Boards Going Viral On TikTok?

Image Of Why Is  Butter Boards Going Viral On TikTok

The viral Butter Boards trend started after a food blogger who goes on TikTok as justine_snacks posted a video on her handle featuring herself making a butter board. So many of her followers loved the idea thus the video went viral. As of now, the video has amassed over 8.3 million views.

Since the video posted by justine_snacks has gone viral, Butter Boards are everywhere now. From TikTok to Twitter and Instagram, you can spot them everywhere.

justine_snacks revealed later that she is not the original creator of this viral recipe. She also has given credit to the original creator of this recipe Joshua Mc Fadden. Joshua Mc Fadden has discussed this recipe in his book Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables.

The original creator of the recipe has expressed gratitude for the appreciation that his recipe is receiving on social media platforms.

People On Social Media Reacting To The Butter Boards

Image Of People On Social Media Reacting To The Butter Boards

People have given mixed reactions to the recipe. Some have liked it a lot while others have found it unhealthy. Here is how the social media users have reacted to this recipe:

One user said, “Butterboards?! That’s like asking for a heart attack! I love the creativity factor but how unhealthy! I would substitute hummus or light cream cheese”.

Another added, “I was skeptical when I heard about #butterboards taking over TikTok and Instagram but now I’m on board (LOL) with the viral food trend”.

Food service also hopped into the trend and wrote on Twitter, “Folks will be communing around the butter board this holiday season. We paired this trend with some CVap® baked bread and had our coworkers running to the kitchen.”

So, the butter boards recipe is everywhere on the internet now. Several people have shared their own additions to the recipe to make it yummier.

People are adding several ingredients including edible flowers, garlic, honey, figs, tomatoes, chili oil, basil and so many other ingredients to make the boards delicious.

Some users have even replaced butter with cream cheese, goat cheese, and hummus. They have found these replacements better and healthier than butter itself.

A few users have also shown concerns about cleaning the board later on. To this, a TikTok user has revealed that cleaning the butter off a wooden board is not a difficult task at all.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the viral food recipe ‘Butter Boards’ on TikTok is all about and how it has taken over social media. What’s your opinion about this recipe? Let us know in the comment box below.

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