Catherine McBroom Divorces Austin McBroom – Is It True?

The famous YouTube personality Catherine McBroom divorces Austin McBroom. The news is spreading like fire on all the social media platforms. Fans are shocked and worried about the Ace family. If you are among them here is all the gathered information. Keep reading for more details.

Social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter are the most common apps used all around the globe. These social media platforms provide ways to showcase their skills and also earn money. YouTube is among them and it is known for its high income. There are hundreds of people who earn money from YouTube and their followers love to watch them every day.

YouTube is mainly popular for its long and lengthy videos. People on YouTube usually make Vlogs for their fans and post them daily. YouTube has a lot of specialties and people refer to it for their daily use. We can find movies, music videos, and short videos as well. This platform is unpredictable because it can make anyone star within no time. Once a video went viral YouTube works as a luck-changing app. But many people struggle to have a great amount of followers so that they can earn money.

Austin and Catherine the duo of husband and wife also got fame from YouTube videos. But recently the news of their separation is circling all over the internet. If you are among the Ace family’s YouTube fans, here is all the detailed information about their separation. Stay connected to know more.

Catherine McBroom Announces Divorce From Austin McBroom

Image Of Catherine McBroom Announces Divorce From Austin McBroom

The Ace Family is a YouTube channel created by Austin and Catherine McBroom in 2016. They share their daily lives, including their three kids, like many other family channels. However, the McBrooms have faced various controversies during their eight years on YouTube. They had a tough time while working on YouTube.

The Ace Family has been through a lot of drama, from being accused of tricking fans in giveaways to Austin McBroom facing a $3 million lawsuit for his controversial YouTube vs TikTok boxing event. Their journey on YouTube is always filled with excitement and controversies. There was a time when Austin McBroom was accused of cheating on his wife. But somehow they managed to stay together for their children.

There were a lot of things going in between this YouTube couple but they were together for a long time. A few years back they also stopped making daily videos and haven’t posted for almost 7 months. The reasons were never clear but in January 2024 Catherine McBroom announced her divorce from Austin McBroom due to unsorted challenges related to their married life.

Why Ace Family Decide To Split Their Ways?

Image Of Why Ace Family Decided To Split Their Ways

The Ace family officially announced their divorce on Instagram. Catherine McBroom hasn’t revealed the reasons behind their divorce but mentioned that there were some issues related to their personal life and some unfulfilled responsibilities that caused this problem.

While talking about her divorce from Austin McBroom she said, “2024 will be my year of transformative change and with this taking place, one of the steps in my journey is the difficult decision to leave my marriage,” she wrote in an Instagram stories post.

“We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably. Our paths as a couple have shifted and have created challenges that are irreconcilable.” While mentioning their split she said that we would remain friends and take care of our children.

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Bottom Line

This was all the gathered information related to the divorce of Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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