Chicken Wings TikTok Dance and Lyrics

Social media platforms are full of entertainment content. Social media users post and share anything they want to get likes and views. Some of the posts become a trend in a short period. It can be anything like meme, slang, song lyric, dance step, a challenge, or the name of anything or anyone. This time Chicken Wings TikTok Dance is viral.

Nowadays social media platforms like TikTok, Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are a source of entertainment for everyone who has access to the internet. According to a report from January 2020, there are more than 3.80 billion social media users around the world, and TikTok alone has 800 million users. So it is convenient that anything can become a trend any time.

On TikTok there is always something new trends. People come up with new dance steps and other people try to copy them. This tradition is not new and it is ongoing from the day TikTok has been launched. In this article we will talk about the New Chicken Wings Dance which is circulating on TikTok for months.

What is the Chicken Wings TikTok Dance?

As there is a new sound has thrived on TikTok which is mesmerizing to ears, people can`t ignore once they hear this sound. Many TikTok users have come up with different dances on this sound giving it name Chicken Wings Dance, because the lyrics of this sound are “chicken wings, chicken wings, hot dog and baloney, chicken and macaroni, chillin, with my homie.”

Chicken Wings lyrics on TikTok has its fan base. The beat is making it more awesome with lyric when it is on at a louder sound. When this song goes through your ears for once, it always remains stuck up there in mind. Maybe you will try your version of Chicken Wings Dance.

This is not the first time on TikTok, people always make new dancing content to get likes and views and some of them become a trend in no time. Even some of the TikTok users become a social media celebrity due to all this.

Who Created Chicken Wings Dance on TikTok?

This sound has been used on every type of videos on TikTok, but it didn’t have any specific dance associated to it. But recently two different but mostly similar dances have been created which makes the song and dance a must try when you watch it. On August 1, a TikToker named Stephinee Guerrore posted a video of her Chicken Wing Dance version.

At the same time when video was posted, another TikToker with user name @lexibb69 created another Chicken Wing Dance. In the video she says she has come with the dance just now, and she had also performed this dance at several public places including, Target, Starbucks and Costco.

When we do comparison of both dances, there is not that much difference and people have liked them both. As they both are created at the same time, so no one can say they had copied from each other. If you fond of dancing it doesn’t matter whose dance is best, just start making video of your own. And for sure you will come up with a better one.

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There is no doubt that TikTok is only for entertainment. TikTok users post different videos comprising challenges, memes, dance steps, mimicry and many more. Chicken Wing Dance on TikTok has got attention of many these days.

The music of this song is unique and amazing and people has created different dancing steps on the tune of this song. You can also make your dance steps on this music.

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