Dave Hollis Cause Of Death – Here’s What We Know

Disney fans are in shock after they have come to know the news of Dave Hollis’ death, and several of them are wondering to find his cause of death. It is indeed a sad day for Disney fans. Dave Hollis was the guy who was responsible for bringing some of the best Disney movies of the last decade. While the fans are mourning the sudden death of Dave Hollis, we have taken a glance at his past life.

Dave Hollis has served Disney between the years 2011- 2018 as president. While serving as president, he oversaw and helped films such as Black Panther, Moana, and multiple Star Wars features which became a huge success.

Disney fans have claimed that Dave was not just a name and that his impact on Disney will forever be remembered. Dave was just 47 at the time of passing and he was just a few days away from his birthday.

The news of Dave’s sudden passing has come as a shock to several adult Disney fans. As many of them are not aware of the cause of Dave Hollis death, they have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to talk about it. Here is what we know about the cause of death of Dave Hollis.

Former Disney Executive Dave Hollis Passed Away

Image Of Former Disney Executive Dave Hollis Passed Away

Variety was the first to report the news of Dave Hollis’ passing. However, they have claimed that the cause of his death is not known. As per available reports, Dave “had recently been hospitalized for heart-related health issues.”

Besides being among the top executives of Disney, Dave was also famous for his then marriage to popular Influencer-turned-author Rachel Hollis. Rachel was famous for her New York Times Best Seller Girl, Wash Your Face book.

After getting married to Rachel, Dave moved to Austin with her and there he started helping her to run her company Chic Media which was later rebranded as The Hollis Company. They were also seen together on a popular podcast Rise Together, where they talked about their married life.

Their chemistry was amazing but their divorce news came as a shock to their fans. Rachel announced the news of them parting ways on her Instagram handle. In case you have missed this post, here is what it read:

“Guys, I have some hard news to share… Dave and I have made the incredibly difficult decision to end our marriage. We started out as best friends 18 years ago and the truth is, that core friendship and the parts of us that work so well, have become a band-aid for the parts of us that don’t. Also, we have worked endlessly over the last three years to make this work and have come to the conclusion that it is healthier and more respectful for us to choose this as the end of our journey as a married couple. We remain, dear friends, as we raise our family as co-parents and run our company as partners…”

How Did Dave Hollis Die?

Image Of How Did Dave Hollis Die

Rachel and Dave have four children: Ford, Jackson, Sawyer, and Noah together. Even after their divorce, they remained in each other’s lives co-parenting their kids.

 Referring to this hard phase of his life, Dave wrote, “Divorce is wild. Holidays in divorce are wilder. We veer from our every-other-week schedule to give two weeks before and after Christmas to us each to travel and see family and all the rest. Rae’s up first, and I’m up second. It means today’s the last day I’ll see this crew until the day after Christmas…”.

As Dave has passed away, Rachel has shared a short post on her Instagram that read:

“We are devastated. I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them. Please wrap the kids up in prayers as we try and navigate the unthinkable.”

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The Bottom Line

This was all that we know about the passing of Dave Hollis and the cause of his death. Dave will surely be missed by all of us.

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